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An old update: Michelle at the 30th Women Sports Foundation Awards Gala

On October 12th, Michelle attended the 30th Annual Women Sports Foundation Awards Gala. She wore a beautiful black gown with a butterfly accent in the center. She looked absolutely beautiful. Michelle has continued to participate in this event year after year.

Lois Elfman, who sent us a photo to use last year, has graciously sent us a picture this year. All credits and  copyrights go to her.

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Michelle to skate in Yuna Kim’s Ice Show in Seoul, Korea

According to Korean presses and the latest Associated Press article ‘Kwan returning to ice in August show‘, Michelle will be making her first public skating appearance since touring with Champions on Ice the summer of 2006. She and Yuna Kim, this year’s World Champion, hold each other in very high regard and the timing for Michelle to accept the invitation worked out right. Ice Stars 2009, will take place August 14-16 where Michelle has prepared two gala programs.

Shep Goldberg, Michelle’s agent, was quoted in the article saying “Michelle is feeling healthy and has her abilities up to the standards she sets for herself, which are very high standards.”

This is the moment all of us here at the Michelle Kwan Forum have been waiting for. Now all of us here at the forum will be eagerly awaiting her performance and will enjoy the speculation of what she will skate to, dress in. Most of all, we’ll be looking forward to the smile she wears so brightly when she performs once again on the ice. It’s easy to say that we are already wearing huge smiles on our faces.

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Congratulations Michelle!

Congratulations to you Michelle! Michelle graduated from the University of Denver this past Saturday June 6, 2009. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in International Studies from DU Chancellor Robert Coombe with a brimming smile from ear to ear.

Copyright Photo Wayne Armstrong

Copyright Photo Wayne Armstrong

Michelle has been accepted to Fletcher School, the International Affairs graduate school at Tufts in Medford, Massachussets. It is currently unknown when she plans to attend.

In the weekend of her graduation, she also kept busy attending such events such as the 20th “A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival” which benefits the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and attending the 2nd game of the NBA Finals at Staples Centre, watching her favorite basketball team, the LA Lakers beat Orlando Magic.

Also in previous months, Michelle also:

  • attended the C-100 Mentoring Event early May in Washington DC
  • played golf at the 2nd National Kidney Foundation Celeb Golf Classic in L.A.
  • attended the American Idol show & finale in May
  • attended Boulder Creek Festival over Memorial Day Weekend
  • met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to talk about her on-going role as public diplomacy envoy
  • attended many Lakers games
  • commentated for NBC during the Ladies Free Skate broadcast during the World Championships at the Staples Center, Los Angeles late March

Regarding Michelle’s graduation, to you Michelle: Here at MKF, we’re all very proud of you and are looking forward to whatever you bring in your years ahead. Your past accomplishments were nothing short of amazing, and your future accomplishments look, if at all possible, even more inspiring and amazing than those of the past.

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Plethora of Michelle Kwan News, Old and New


Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

Hi all! I’m a bit behind in posting several items of news on Michelle, but here’s a quick update.


Latest news: Michelle will be traveling to Ukraine starting February 28 and end March 7 as an American Public Diplomacy Envoy where she will visit Kiev, Yalta, Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai and Odessa. This will mark Michelle’s fourth trip as an American Public Diplomacy Envoy. Resource and Discussion here.

Phil Hersh announced on his Chicago Tribune blog that Michelle will be commentating for NBC for the Worlds Championships taking place in Los Angeles end of next month. Truly exciting for those of us who will be there, and now, just as exciting for those sitting in the comfort of their home watching the competition. She will be joining Bob Costas and Dick Button as part of the commentating team in giving insight, overviews and reflections of the women’s free skate – live on NBC (March 28th). Be sure to watch for that! Discuss with the rest of the forum!

On the 20th of this month, Michelle was spotted at the Lakers vs. Hornets game at the L.A. Staples Center with fellow figure skater Amber Corwin. A beautiful photo from Getty Images captured her there. Read the discussion and view the picture.

Michelle was also part of Vice President’s Joe Biden Special Olympics delegation earlier this month. She handed out flowers to winners at the Skating competition and attended the Speed Skating competition. She and Scott Hamilton also served breakfast to the competitors one morning. View the discussion and pictures here and IdahoStatesMan pictures of the event in this thread.

It’s been a truly busy month for our girl. She was also spotted at the Grammy’s on the 8th of this month, wearing a beautiful detailed black dress, with her hair pulled back. Old news, but here’s the thread to read up on the forum, if you’re curious.

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Sorry about the forum troubles.

Lately I’ve downgraded the server to a more affordable plan given that on average, the number of visitors never really went above 70 at any given day. I think with the weight of the users, the vbulletin software has a bit of a problem handling that amount in relation to our server.

Just an FYI.

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Michelle has posted a message to MKF!

Hi everyone,

Once again, Michelle has graciously taken her time out of her day to message a thoughtful holiday message to the Michelle Kwan Forum. Thank you Michelle, you are truly wonderful. We here at MKF hope you and your family have the best and warmest of holidays.

Read her message here, in her visitor messages:

Holiday Message to MKF from MK!

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Michelle attends the 29th Annual Women’s Sports Foundation, Oct. 14, 2008

Courtesy of Lois Elfman

Michelle attended the 29th Annual Women’s Sports Foundation on October 14, this past Tuesday. She wore a gorgeous full length, purple velvet gown that looked phenomenal on her. Michelle has supported the Women’s Sports Foundation for many years and continues to attend their events as a way of giving back when she received a grant from the foundation when she was 13.

rzw7 aposted a nice interview from the event that conducted with her and you can see more photos in the following thread:

Thank you Lois Elfman for sharing your photos. They are absolutely lovely.

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MKF is back up and running

MKF is currently up and running, but of course, not like how it used to be. Of this, I am deeply sorry.

There are still some images that are missing which many of you will notice, but I think Heather has them, so I will wait until she returns from vacation to restore those images. I took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest vbulletin, so there are several new additions to the forums – such as tags, which you will see. The MKF blog, for those who check in on it once in a while will also be uploaded in the next few days.

I noticed that google has archived some of our old pages into cache – if anyone is utterly bored, and can grab some of those archived pages and send them to me, that would be nice to create an archive file of all of the posts lost since then.

You guys are free to complain in this thread. I know that much precious data has been lost. The one thing I am happy about is that none of Michelle’s posts have been lost. Knowing now that our web host does not back up plans that use VPS, I will be backing up much more consistently. Also, if any of you know of alternative, good affordable web hosts, please let me know. Also, if there is anything that is missing that you think MKF used to have (besides our data of course).. like missing images, plugins, strange behaviour, please let me know.


This is what I had posted on the front page yesterday, for those who may have missed it:

I apologize deeply for the problems that all of you are encountering today. It’s been quite frustrating having to deal with this while at work, but our web host, A Small Orange had some major issues yesterday evening.
I woke up this morning, as I’m sure all of you did, to find that was inaccessible.

I sent off an e-mail to ask them what was wrong. They told me they would run some scripts to get it up and running. I thought that meant it was a minor issue with the system. When it completed, they sent me an e-mail to tell me that it was complete and that I’d have to go through these steps to reconfigure it and have to re-upload the web site.

As some of you might have seen, for some time the front page read “Apache and Control Panel has been successfully configured.” I also had a heart attack when I saw this, because it means that nothing that was there exists anymore.

Anyway, long story short. This is what happened to the server that is on:…howtopic=11957
and when I flipped out, they responded with this:

“Hi Grace, I apologize for the inconvenience with this. The disk partition where all the VPSes were configured had to be reformatted. Since we don’t maintain individual backups of the VPSes, we don’t have any customer data to restore. The VPS itself is back online, so I can help you with any reconfiguration needed on the server However, if you have any backups of data that you’ve downloaded to your computer at home, I can help you restore that information.”

The good news is that I DO have a backup. The bad news is that it’s from February. I HAD made other backups, but they were on all onto the server itself. This means that a lot of data has been lost, from between February to now. I am very sorry that this has happened. I was not aware that our service did not back up the servers, and now that I do, I will be extremely diligent about backing up regularly. I am NOT at all happy with the current situation – half of it being my own fault, half of it our web hosts.
I will try my hardest to get some semblance of our forum working again, as soon as possible. This may take a while because I have to reconfigure the server, re-install vbulletin, and get it up to speed. But I will try to get all the basics down so members can at least post again.

Just so you may have an idea what data is gone, the following will be gone:
New posts made since February 6
New threads made since February 6
Forum changes or additions made since February 6
Private messages since February 6
If you signed up for a user account since February 6, you will have to sign up again.

I will try to recover some of the old blog posts.

Regards, ~Grace

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Server extremely slow

Not sure why. I’m trying to look into the webhost right now, but it seems like everything from FTP-ing, accessing the Webhost Manager is just really slow. It’s odd that the main page has no issues.

I am wondering if there might be an MySQL error. I apologize for all the inconvenience.

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NBC Broadcast of 2008 Nationals; Trivia

Michelle appeared on a fluff piece with Caroline Zhang, where she was sitting next to Caroline, helping her skate. She looked beautiful, was smiling and laughing with Caroline. You can read and discuss more on the forum here.

Be sure to take a part of the continuation of the Trivia Challenge that started last year. Here are the rules, and you can take the questions that appear bi-weekly in the Join in the fun at MKF! section of the forum.


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