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Thread: Jeremy Mitchell, a 7 year old killed by drunk driving on Jan. 15

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    Default Jeremy Mitchell, a 7 year old killed by drunk driving on Jan. 15

    I just want this to serve as a reminder that you should never drink and drive.

    A wonderful little boy, who was only 7-years-old, was killed a couple days ago when his intoxicated mother (who did not have coustody) ran a stop sign and hit another woman who has driving drunk with her young child in the car.

    Please always have a designated driver. Even though $20 might seem like a lot for a cab ride, killing yourself or someone else does not compare.


    Jeremy Mitchell ( was killed on Jan. 15, 2006. He was the victim of a senseless drunk driving accident that many of you may have heard about in the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Citizen, or the television news.

    Jeremy was 7 years old.

    He was an outstanding football player for the Mitey Mite Red Wildcats, which my brother in law Jasic helped coach. (My sister, Mindy, coached the Wildcat cheerleading team.) His team called him "Mitchell."

    Jeremy was the smallest player on the team. But, you wouldn't know that because he had the heart of a lion

    Often, his football clothes were so big for him that he would have to use tape to keep them on--nothing was going to keep this little guy off the field. He was a very special teammate.

    His loss is mourned by many.

    Although nothing can replace little “Mitchell,” there is something we can all do to help his family during this difficult time. A memorial fund has been set up for his family to help with funeral costs and bills.

    Your donation to the Jeremy Mitchell Memorial Fund is greatly appreciated and accepted at any Wells Fargo Bank (account # 2628271336). Please donate if you can do so.

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    A similar case happened with my uncle as well but he was not at fault. Therefore, he had to take help of a DUI lawyer to defend himself. A lady came running towards the road and she was wearing black and it just happened. It wasn’t his fault but then he had to go for the trial and was able to get ‘not guilty’ verdict as he was never over the limit.


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