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Thread: New Burger King Kids Meal Toys (Figure Skating)

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    Default New Burger King Kids Meal Toys (Figure Skating)

    Yesterday my family and I went to Burger King, and for the toy they game a electronic game (small).

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    an electronic skating game? I may have to take the kids to burger king tomorrow!

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    They have 4 skating games and 4 hockey games. I got one of the skating games today and it's cute.

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    I got 2 a couple of weeks ago and I don't think the kids have figured it out yet- maybe they just don't care. They are small and I think ours have already been misplaced.

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    Are you serious?

    Hmmmm I might have to make a stop at BK

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    I would make a stop at BK, but our local ones are *notorious* for food poisoning. I have a friend who worked at the worst one in high school, and he told me once that he even got sick when he made his own food for himself there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilahupa View Post
    an electronic skating game and Kid’s gifts online? I may have to take the kids to burger king tomorrow!
    definitely, you should go over there.
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    This Thread is eleven and a half years old, so I very much doubt that Burger King offers this game anymore.
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