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Thread: Semi-OT | IOC won't probe reports of Nagano gift-giving (aka bribery)

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    Lightbulb Semi-OT | IOC won't probe reports of Nagano gift-giving (aka bribery)

    IOC won’t probe reports of Nagano gift-giving
    Report says Japanese city provided millions of dollars in hospitality

    he International Olympic Committee will not investigate reports that Japanese boosters lavished IOC members with “illegitimate” hospitality during Nagano’s winning bid for the 1998 Winter Olympics.

    “The IOC has learned lessons from the past,” IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies said. “We have made inquiries and taken sanctions. What is past is past. The IOC has drawn a line under that.”


    Today we have a totally different and accountable system,” Davies said.


    The report, ordered by Nagano Governor Yasuo Tanaka in February 2004, didn’t name any boosters or itemize gifts offered to IOC members. Nagano burned most of its bid records after the Salt Lake scandal broke.
    The Nagano govenor's report shows they spent more than twice as much on 'gifts' as SLC did.

    Doesn't this sound just like CoP & anonymous judging - we have learned our lesson! We have a totally different system now! Trust Us even though we don't investigate evidence of Corruption!

    So if ya'll wonder why the IOC doesn't make the ISU toe the line about honest judging see what they themselves are doing about corruption.

    The only slight hope I can see is if sport sponsors decide not just to throw a fit over Bode's 'Miller Time' on the slopes but bad behavior by the officials taining every aspect of the olympic movement.

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    No one wants to open Pandora's box.


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