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Thread: Happy Holidays

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    Default My Prayers are with you

    I pray for your continued good health and that you may got to St Louis and Torino with the peace that passes all understanding to guard you heart and mind.

    Counting the days until you skate from your heart for us. Thank you Michelle,


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    happy new year!!!!!! i hope 2006 will be a blast!
    "I still believe"-Michelle Kwan

    "I want to be a legend..." - Michelle Kwan

    Michelle, you ARE a legend.

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    nationals will never be the same without you michelle. we're with you ALLTHEWAY

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    Thank you so much for the message! I pray for a full and speedy recovery which allows you to choose from the maximum number of options. Bless you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKalltheway
    nationals will never be the same without you michelle. we're with you ALLTHEWAY

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    Michelle, I think you're talented, genuine, and very HOT!!!!

    I wish you the best!! Everyone does!!!

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    Heart happy holidays!!!

    Happy holidays to you too. Best wishes for 2006, go get them.

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    California (15 mins. from Michelle) =)


    hope you had an AWESOME holiday season with family. You'll be in my prayers for a quick recovery.

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    get well soon Michelle! we love you and can't wait to see you next month

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    Heart oh!! my dear

    I love u.MICHELLE ,u r my forever happiness.plz come to thailand sometimes.I hope u enjoy what u r doing,and be in the place where u belong...................TORINO 2006

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    Heart You are going to the olympics how do you feel...

    You must be really excited to go to the olympics and on the abc network i love how you acted that little clip with you skating in your 2005 freestyle dress with the gold beads. If you don't remeber its the one where you didn't do jumps just artristry things with your arms. I have no idea how to explain. I'm new sooo i kind find it really amazing how this website works.............................
    Your #1 fan in my neighborhood...

    Figure skating fan forever

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    keep it up Michelle!...we can't wait to see you next Friday we're with ya alltheway xoxo

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    COOL!Look forward to hearing from you again.
    the best wishes to you!come on Michelle !! Torino2006!!

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    hi Michelle...we're behind ya no matter what

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    Despite what's all been happening on the Forum the past month and a half, I'm finally bringing myself to post what I meant to for that long. I saw this thread the morning after it was originally posted. I woke up lurking over MKF, and was surprised to see the sticky at the top of the page. I was ecstatic to read what I did, as well as the posts following it. I wanted so badly to reply myself, yet I knew nearly everything I had in my head was summed up by MKF. But since then I've felt that I still should post something, at least one thing, even if events kept changing. So before I stop rambling, I want to say that though a lot has happened since the holidays on and off the ice, I just think I should post my initial thoughts on here before I waste my chance to.

    Michelle, your post made everything feel so wonderful, just it's felt many times before because of you. I spent the 29th quietly celebrating my birthday with family, with little on my mind about anything. The next day, this thread, to me, was the best gift I had gotten all season long. I'm only one person, and I know a slight tingle I react with means nothing for the rest of the world, but for the whole world to hear something personally from you--one person--means so much, especially for MKF. It was so beautiful to hear an update about you and your family, and I'm very happy that the holidays were enjoyable for you. As I had been thinking then, the MKF family is always behind you with whatever your decisions you make. Good luck Michelle, we all love and support you.


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    hi's me (AGAIN)...I hope you will be able to have fun at the olys...being a specatator and all! go U-S-A. won't be the same without you on the ice...but I'll look for you on the screen LOL

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    Good to hear from you, Michelle. My sister and I are the newest members.
    Visit the Michelle Kwan Forum(which is what this is!!) Julie
    Visit the Sasha Fans Forum
    (my avatar is is a picture of sasha cohen )


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