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Thread: Happy Boxing Day

  1. Heart Happy Boxing Day

    I wanted to wish a Happy Boxing Day to everyone celebrating it! This includes Canada, Britain, New Zealand and Australia and anyone else who wants to. So have fun shopping --I'm going to avoid the malls at all cost, its too crazy for me! At least Boxing Day sales lasts for a week.
    Does anybody have any idea what this holiday means or why we celebrate it? We have a lot of boxes to clean up from Christmas morning? Hmm haha
    Even my local paper questioned what this whole day means.
    Anyways, I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Enjoy the turkey leftovers!

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    Default boxing day

    here's the wikipedia article on it:

    basically, there are many thoughts as to the true meaning, most revolving around giving to the poor, buying stuff at huge markdowns, etc. Seems to just be a Commonwealth public holiday

    Happy Boxing Day, everyone!


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