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Thread: Mandatory Reading: Political Section - Rules and Guidelines *Updated 9/30/08*

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    Alert Mandatory Reading: Political Section - Rules and Guidelines *Updated 9/30/08*

    Only political and related controversial issues are to be discussed in this section of the forum. Any threads that are not on that topic will be deleted immediately. All rules of the forum apply, so be sure to read the FAQ section of the forum before posting.

    Originally, this section was unmoderated, because none of the moderators want to deal with the back and forth, and other issues, of the political threads. Once moving to the new board, we decided to seek out two posters who could moderate the Political Section (mostly because we could do this much easier on the new board vs ezboard.)

    probativev has agreed to moderate this section. They are moderators ONLY for this section of the board. They can close, move, merge, and delete threads, and warn posters in the Political Section ONLY. Please show them the same respect that you would all admins and moderators.

    Note, originally we had 2 moderators in this section, one on either side of the spectrum. When Krista stepped down, we didn't fill her spot. At the moment, we are in the process of finding a second mod, with the election so close.

    As when this section was unmoderated, forum readers should not complain to the moderators about the back and forth that goes on in this section. Even once the moderators were added to this section, "Unmoderated" was included in the section title for a few weeks. I've removed that word from the title, because I can understand that it is confusing since there are moderators here now. However, please understand that this section is still not as strictly moderated as the rest of the board, and only PM/email the Political Section moderators if there is a serious issue.

    Anything e-mailed and/or PMed to the rest of the moderators & administrators about problems between posters in this section will be ignored. At any time, if the moderators start receiving multiple complaints over the politics section, this section can be closed immediately.

    Originally, this section was just a trial run, and would be revisited after 3 months to decide whether to carry on with this section. Obviously, we've decided to keep this section after that trial period, because there haven't been any problems. However, what we said when we started this section still applies. If there are problems, at any time, the section can be closed completely.

    I know that you are all mature enough to deal with political discussions in a calm and rational manner. Please remember that after trying several options to get political discussion to work on MKF, this is your last chance. If this doesn't work, and this section has to be closed, then political discussion *will* be banned permanently from the forum.

    Updated September 30, 2008
    Last edited by Heather; September 30th, 2008 at 08:25 PM. Reason: updating who the political moderators are


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