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Thread: The Greatest Grand Prix Final of all Time!

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    Default The Greatest Grand Prix Final of all Time!

    Terry Gannon: " Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2003-2004 Grand Prix Final. To my left is Olympic Champion, Peggy Fleming, and to my right is the always opinionated Dick Button. It's just about time to start our live coverage of the ladies free skate, and let me tell you folks, it has been a very interesting competition."

    Peggy: " Well, yes Terry , that's right. This year we have been priveleged yet again with the grace of skaters like Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Sarah Hughes, and many others. However, this competition has resembled more of a blast from the past. To everyones surprise, Tanya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and the always innovative and interesting Surya Bonaly decided early in the season to compete in the Grand Prix events. It is very odd that almost all the skaters here at the final are American, and even more difficult to comprehend that many of these skaters have decided to reappear on the skating scence after nearly 10 years, but it is certainly exciting. Perhaps the skater here getting the most attention is Tanya Harding, for obvious reasons. We know that many of you at home are probably wanting to know Tanya's reasons for coming back to eligible competition, so here we are with the story."

    (Video starts with the Nancy Kerrigan knee incident.)
    Tanya: " It's been hard dealing with all of the negative pressure and mean , hurtful things that have happened to me, but I will always stay true to myself. I know that I wasn't involved, and as long as I know, that is what is most important."

    ( Video continues, showing the problems Tanya faced after the Tanya/Nancy. Falls, laces, blades...etc.)

    Interviewer: "Was it Tanya? Was it another, unknown party? Was Nancy simply faking it? Was she buckling under the pressure? These are just a few of the questions..... the unanswered questions.
    After the "Whack heard 'round the world", Tanya seemed to go into a downward spiral, and I don't mean the spirals that we refer to in skating. Falls haunted her during important programs. Skate blades started becoming faulty. Laces were untying themselves and breaking. Was this simply a cry for attention? Was someone trying to seek revenge on Tanya? Was there, yet again , another unknown party?"
    ( Pictures of Nancy , Tanya, and close friends flash on the screen.)
    Interviewer: " Describe the chain of events after the Olympics."

    Tanya: " Well..... I have always been a pretty strong person. I think that my resilience for the last 10 years is proof of that. But, I think that at first , the pressure of everything just started piling up. Um.... people have accused me of seeking attention with my laces breaking, and my blades having problems, and stuff, but I really don't care anymore."

    Interviewer: " Well, Tanya, there have been a lot of stories involving you on the news. There was the wrestling , the racecar driving.... I mean, what was that all about?"

    Tanya: "Well, I know that the skating world won't really support me anymore, so I felt during that time that I needed to try new things. I have always been interested in wrestling, and I really enjoyed that. At first they wanted me to use a club when I was performing, to capitalize off of Nancy, and join the WWF, or whatever it is now, but that was really hurtful and after that, I knew that I couldn't go on with a serious career in proffesional wrestling. So, I went to racecar driving. Racecar driving is something I have always been real excited about, and I think it was time to explore new avenues."

    Interviewer: " What was it then that compelled you to come back to skating after all these years?"

    Tanya: "Well, i will always be a skater in my heart, and nobody can take that away from me. Not the media, not the skating federations, and associations, not the public. Nobody. I think that I belong on the ice, and I will always be competitive."

    (Story concludes with live coverage of Tanya warming up. She is wearing a bright orange dress, with purple and green flames. She is skating to a rock medley.)

    Terry: " Hmmm. Well , lets get back to our coverage of the Grand Prix. Dick , we will start with you."

    Dick: " As always, the skating competitions you watch in person and on television are full of scrumptious skaters with bubbly personalities, great competitors, gaudy costumes, odd music, and at times atrocious choreography. This year...... is no different. Now, I am an old timer. I like the classical, lyrical numbers. Not the ritzy , over - the - top , chintzy costumes, but the simple elegant ones. But skaters to...."

    Terry: " Well our producer is telling us it is time for a commercial break."

    Dick: " As I was saying..... skaters today seem to go for these dispicable program choices and it is just going too far in my opinion. Anyway... back to our commercial break."

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    I always thought Tonya Harding could make a career in hockey. In hockey it's legal to club opponents with sticks.

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    The story is mind blowing, Keep going on..


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