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Thread: hi everybody I have a question

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    Stardusty8606 Guest

    Default hi everybody I have a question

    hi I read something in here about skating camps and now i cant find it (im new to this board, but i really like it) i was wondering who was the person was who talked about the camp down in indy, i live in northern indiana and its practically my dream to skate at the IWSA in indy!

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    sunnybunny Guest


    I am sure someone here on the board knows about them, but if not, I have seen several advertisements for them in skating magazines. Hope that helps! BTW, welcome to the board! Hope you will join us in discussing practices and all!

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    Stardusty8606 Guest


    thanx for the reply and the welcome sunnybunny! i really like this board so far and will be posting!


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