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Thread: what jumps do you pop most easily?

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    nessie2002 Guest

    Default what jumps do you pop most easily?

    i pop my edge jumps very easily: my axel, 2sal, and 2loop. This happens when I'm reallie insecure about the entrances into those jumps. :\ when i feel insecure about my toe jumps, i usually tend to just not jump as high.

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    icesk8er29 Guest


    lol i had one day where i just kept on popping my sal over and over...worst part is i only do a single salchow, and yes i managed to pop a single jump

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    I pop the loop the most. Ugh, I think I'm too insecure about the edge going into the jump and my timing is off.

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    julial51987 Guest

    Default double flip

    I pop the double flip so many times! I think I just get scared to stay in, and I just fly out. I also pop loops a lot, but not as much anymore.

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    Default hmmm

    I think I probably pop the double toe easiest. I've never liked that jump. My salchow also likes to come out funky when I go out to compete... but maybe it's just cuz it was at the end of my program last year.
    I don't pop d lutz as much as I used to. I usually just two foot or fall.
    Same with D flips.
    loops.... if I screw up I just over rotate and get some weird sloppy two footed thing.

    If I mess up a double axel I abort as soon as it doesn't feel right. Sometimes thats before I even jump Usually I just fall though...

    That seems like a problem with all my jumps.... maybe I shouldn't fall so much

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    thvudragon Guest


    The 2flip. It is the jump of the devil. I also hate the loop. Pop pop pop.

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    FKA Catchick Guest


    The loop, hate it and have to be forced to practice it. I blow the salchow too. My most consistent jumps are my toe pick jumps.


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