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Thread: Average height and weight

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    love2skate Guest

    Default Average height and weight

    What is the average height and weight of a figure skater in the senior level for men and women? Since I've never seen any figure skaters in person, I estimate that the women are about 5'2" and around 100lbs. I have no idea about the men. Any input would be very helpful.

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    For the female skaters, a lot of them are around 5'2, give or take a few inches. Some are short and some are tall (Tara Lipinski was once 4'8 and Jennifer Robinson is 5'8) . I remember someone said that Nancy Kerrigan was tall for skating and she is only 5'4. As for weight, it might vary because muscle weighs more than fat so it could be anything from 95-115? For men, their height varies a lot more-5'5 to 6'0.

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    AshBugg44 Guest


    I'm 5'2 but I'm a little on the heavier side (for a skater anyway). I'm 130 but I'm losing weight.

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    i am 5'1", 103 lbs. i don't know where that falls in terms of being "average", but people who know me tell me that i look like i would be an ice skater.

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    blueskylight Guest


    i am 5'6" and is only 117. I am kind of underweight. So all the girls at school are jealous of me

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    Anita18 Guest

    Default Same here..

    Eh, we must be twins, blueskylight... Scary thing is, I'm definitely not the skinniest person at my school, though people say that I'm skinny. One person thought she was fat cause she weighed more than 110 lbs, and I was like, "Uh, I'm afraid of what you would look like if you weighed less... " She thought I weighed less than 117, but I dunno, it's all in my butt and tummy...

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    icesk8er29 Guest

    Default Re: Same here..

    i'm about 5'5" and 110. but i'm a little taller than most skaters.

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    MaskedBaboon Guest


    i am 5'2 and 3/4 about and i am 95 lb.

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    Stardusty8606 Guest


    your perfectly normal AshBug , don't go crazy trying to lose weight!

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    below is an article about the weight of female figure skaters someone posted on the Skating Chat

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    FKA Catchick Guest


    my guess is that the men are between 5'8" and 6 foot and anywhere from 145-170. THe women are probably on the average 5'2" and about 105 -110, some of them look smaller but they're all muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I skate recreationally (Delta level) not at a high level and I am 5"1 and 125 and would like to lose another 10 pounds or so but I am monitoring my weight loss with my internist not starving myself or anything crazy like that.

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    figurebabe Guest

    Default Re: Average height and weight >> OHHH NOOO

    (besides the point)))

    OH IM DEAD, IM 14, AND IM 5'8! i am not gunna grow much taller because ive developed quite quickly. My weight is (I only know it in kg's) 60kg .. and just incase.. im NOT fat, or particularly overweight, and of course im not expecting no pairs or anything, i know im pretty heavy, but its because i am very athletic and do a lot of sport, im a bit muscly (in a feminine sense) and suitable for skating in terms of strength and muscle.. etc (im not a TOTAL beginner) I am can do my single jumps and doing reasonably well in my spin.


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    Naurek Guest

    Default Re: Average height and weight >> OHHH NOOO

    60kg is about 132 pounds.
    For someone 5'8" I would most definately not consider that overweight. I'm 5'6" and was told that I should be about 130lbs. (I've also heard that you should roughly be 100lbs at 5'0" and for every inch, add another 5 lbs for a female.) This is only a rough estimate though, but that would make your normal weight about 140.

    For an athlete I would expect it to be higher, considering they have more muscles than couch potatoes, and muscle weighs more than fat (luckily it looks good!)

    I'm not sure what average skaters are though, it seems to be skewed on the short side for whatever reason.


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    I'm 13 and I'm 5'4 and I'm 111 pounds and that site said I was in normal range - Yea! :rollin


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    im 5'7 AND 3/4 and ppl have always told me i was too tall to ice skate... so i put it off for 2 years.... now seeing that many skaters are also tall and they dont have a big problem learning jumps, spins etc., im gonna go out to college this september and give it a shot!

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    Default Re: Average height and weight >> OHHH NOOO

    i know this was posted a really long time ago but i just randomly found it and decided to reply. ok so anyway, im 13, 5'4 and i weigh somewhere between 115-120 pounds. i think im really average for just the general person, but im not sure how average that is for a skater. i used to know a girl who was 6 feet tall and she was a really good skater, so i think it probably depends on the person.

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    Default Re: Average height and weight >> OHHH NOOO

    I'm a little taller than 5'9" and around 128lb, many people say I'm underweight when they look at me, that's because of my body type. When I was a teenager(around 13) I grew up violently, I was like 5'8" and and some people thought I was sick because I was so skinny.(I even remember one of my teacher wanted to send me to the psychologist office, she thought I know what I mean), until they realized that my problem wasn't that, but a biological thing. Height, weight, height, weight....I'm too tired of that, but it's something everyone will have to deal with, but don't worry, just keep a healthy life, and regular excercise routine(regular, not excess 'k).
    And for the tall skaters, don't be so worried, as melkajts said, it all depends on the person. I did some gymnastics when I was younger(much younger than now) and some of my teammates(should I call it a team?, I didn't really compete) were just a little shorter than me. Same with skating, not everyone is 5'2", look at Emily Hughes, she's 5'6", and Jennifer Robinson, she was even taller(can't remember her exact height).

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    Icy Ballerina Guest

    Default Re: Average height and weight >> OHHH NOOO

    I'm a bit of a freak... 5'8" and 120-127lbs. I skate five days a week, for no less than an hour at a time, so I can eat like a pig and not care! ^_^

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    Default You got it!

    Yes, the average height for a female skater is probably about 5'2". They weight is usually around 105 lb. Nancy Kerrigan was 5'4" and I heard that the Scotvold's wanted to keep her weight around 114/115 lb. I think that Sarah Hughes was 5'5" and about 122 lb.

    The idea of height and weight for figure skating is pretty much the same as it is for gymnastics. The smaller you are, the more likely you will succede related to triple jumps. When you are shorter, you tend to have a lower center of gravity, this makes it easier to maintain your balance. When you are thinner, everything is more shifted towards you line of gravity (axis). Put more plainly, smaller people can rotate easier than larger people.

    It's not a good idea to be overweight in certain sports (skating, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, diving, etc). The constant impact from jumping and pounding is very hard on your joints.

    I think the overall idea for women is the rule of 5. Five pounds for each inch you are over 5ft tall.

    5ft - 100
    5'1" - 105
    5'2" - 110
    5'3" - 115
    5'4" - 120
    5'5" - 125

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    I am 6' tall and weight 175lbs.... I am rather tall for a skater.... id o know that.... i am by far the biggest at my rink.... i'm a male

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    I'm 5'4 and I'm 136 lbs as of now~! I sooo heavy~! last christmas i ven gained 5 lbs~!

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    Im 5'6'' and I am 143. I am really disgusted with myself because I feel really fat but Im trying. I should be like 130. I think that would be good, although about 128 would put me on the skinny side which definitly wouldnt be too bad.
    Beauty Passion Fire

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    Well... I'm a giant cow compared to the rest of you, lol! I'm 5'4" amd around 170! Yuck, I know! I'm top heavy too... so it doesn't help for my aspirations of jumping and spinning. I've been gradually losing weight... so I'm content with where I am. By the end of the year I'd like to be down to 150 and by the end of next year 130. I think that will be a modest enough progression for me. With my body build, I don't see myself going under 130 unless I get a breast reduction operation.

    I'm 24, so it's not like I'm ever going to be doing triples. I'd like to compete at Adult Nationals one day and nail all of the jumps through doubles. I know weight does make a difference... but I am a very balanced person and haven't run in to any obstacles yet.

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    I don't believe the 5 pounds per inch deal with women. My sister is around 5'9 and 165, which is very normal for her. She's tall, but I suppose being a 36D has something to do with it, lol. She reminds me of these measurements daily when I ask her why she can't run as fast as I can. She usually answers, "Gravity." LOL. She's not a skater though, so perhaps the rule of 5 applies to skaters. I'm nearly 6 feet and 200 pounds, which I think is perfectly fine and healthy for me. Others would think I am morbidly obese, but I'm not even close. Im very muscular, so they never take that into effect.

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    I don't think anyone should ever limit their own pursuit of skating because they are taller and/or heavier than the average size for elite competitors.
    Really, just have fun learning as much as you can learn. If being tall means you have trouble with jumps, then use those long limbs to develop better spirals and extension than most shorter skaters will have.
    If you are heavier, be a spin expert (better center of gravity).

    Obviously, height/weight issues might be a consideration for parents who are considering elite sports training for a 6-year-old who is genetically likely to be
    5' 11'' by age 16. Those parents might try to steer their child to sports where that kind of size is an advantage, such as volleyball, basketball, skiing or soccer. But if the child truly loves skating, then skating it should be.


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