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Thread: Messages for Michelle from MKF

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    Apr 1999
    Seattle, WA

    Default Messages for Michelle from MKF

    <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> **Heather is going to COI on Sunday, April 8th in Philadelphia, so the deadline for posting your message is MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, APRIL 6TH**<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->

    Everyone at MKF is welcome to post a message for Michelle below. You can write anything you want. Congratulations, thank you, comments on Michelle's performance at Worlds, what her programs mean to you, feelings on the entire 2000-2001 skating season... You can write a poem for Michelle or you can share a story of your experience watching Worlds (whether it was online, at home, or <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> live<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> in Vancouver). Your message can be short, long, or somewhere in between. All that matters is that it's for Michelle -- from your heart to hers!

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    billcleaver Guest


    Michelle you go girl! You are the best! Congratulations on your 4th World title! Hope that Olympic Gold is to follow! By the way, You are a 6.0/6.0 in my heart! Bill Cleaver

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    HeatherV23 Guest

    Default Congrats!

    It was a great joy to watch you seal up an emotional season with one of your greatest performances to date! Congratulations and keep your spirits high... next season is only going to be better!

    Best Wishes,
    Heather (the other one ) :-)

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    Cy93LMG Guest

    Default Congratulations, Michelle!

    What an outstanding performance! I enjoyed your programs at Worlds very much. Keep up the good work.

    Good luck to you in the coming season!

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    Default Re: Congratulations, Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    It was such a pleasure and honor to watch you win your fourth world championship in Vancouver. I want to thank you for the privilege of watching you skate throughout the week, during both the practices and the competition. I also want to thank you for being so kind and gracious to the fans and people in attendance. You are a remarkable young lady. Many of us from the MKF made the trip to Vancouver to cheer you and we'll always be there to cheer you on. Congratulations and good luck in everything you do. We love you and we're so very proud of you!

    Terri Wilson
    Baton Rouge, LA

    P.S. Hope you liked the bear and flowers!

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    In a pretty place

    Default Re: Congratulations, Michelle!

    Well you did it again, congratulations Michelle!

    I'm so proud of you! Each season you continue to grow both as a skater and a person, meeting new obstacles and overcoming them time after time. This season was a big challenge for you, but you and Frank had a plan, you both stuck to that plan, and it payed-off!

    When I saw your qualifying round at worlds, a perfect performance after the separation of your boot, I knew then nothing could stop you from reclaiming Gold. Your short and long programs were inspired and full of joy, and I found myself crying along with you at the end of your long program performance...a truely special moment! (Believe me, many people were along with you during that skate)

    Michelle, as you know the reality of Salt Lake is right in front of you now. Fans, the skating community, and the media will be looking to you, yet again, as the Gold standard with many expectations to meet. Don't let the pressure get the better of you, stay cool and calm and all will go well. Don't listen to certain media critics and the scenarios they'll come up with over the next 10 months, continue to believe in yourself and you'll continue to succeed, you've proven those "critics" wrong two years in a row now! Look back on your career so far and reflect on what you've achieved and what you've learned over the're ready for anything now!

    There's nothing I can say to you that you haven't already heard or will hear from people this coming year. I do want you to know that the most important thing to me is when you are happy and full of joy, for when you're in that "sweet spot," you can't lose. That's always been your greatest source of strength on the ice.

    Godspeed Michelle, stay healthy, strong, focussed, and happy! The coming season doesn't end on foreign shores this time, it ends in the United States where you'll be skating in the company of thousands of supporters. What a comforting feeling that must be.

    I'll be at 2002 Nationals along with my mother cheering you on and hopefully getting an opportunity to say hi. Until then, have a great summer and best of luck this coming season Michelle.

    Undaunted Courage!

    All my best,

    Greg :-)
    Flagstaff, Arizona

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    NicoleM Guest

    Default Re: Congratulations, Michelle!


    Congratulations on yet another fantastic season! You continue to awe and inspire with your skating and your perseverence. Best of luck to you next season.

    ~Nicole Moore
    Conover, Ohio

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    amethyst Guest

    Default Re: Congratulations, Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    Congratulations on your 4th World title! You were amazing at these championships from start to finish. People have used words to describe your long program performance such as beautiful, joyous, exquisite, masterful, powerful, gorgeous - and I agree with all of those and more. All of us here at the MKF (Michelle Kwan Forum) were praying for you - to be healthy, to skate from the heart and be thrilled with your performance. Those prayers were answered, and the Gold medal is just icing on the cake. After the last lutz when you went into the split falling leaf, you jumped higher than I have ever seen and the unrestrained joy and emotion on your face made many of us shed tears of happiness and awe.

    Goodbye, odd year jinx! And good luck next season, Michelle. We are all rooting for you. I am continuously grateful just to have the pleasure of watching you skate.

    Amethyst K.
    P.O. Box 27384
    Seattle, WA 98125

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    Apr 1999
    Southern California

    Default Re: Congratulations, Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    Congratulations on your 4th World title!!!!!! I'm so very proud of you! I was so excited when I had heard that you had won and it made me so happy when I saw you on tv. The expression on your face when you had finished your long program was just priceless.

    I am looking forward to watching you skate at this years' Champions On Ice show at Anaheim. I am also looking forward to next season. Good luck next season and I know that all of us at the MKF will support you. I love you!!!!

    Best Wishes,
    Evan Wang
    La Mirada, CA

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    Jan 2000
    Atlanta, GA

    Default Re: Congratulations, Michelle!


    you have brought so many smiles to my face. I have seen you grow up in front of my eyes. You are very special.

    I am wishing you the best for the up coming season. I would love to be in Salt Lake City to cheer you for the Olympic's but that isn't possible. I will be home with my husband and our son cheering you. Just listen to the camera's and you will be able to hear me.

    Please stay healthy and stay focused. Don't ever believe what the critic's say because they have no idea what they are talking about.

    Take care and know that we at Michelle Kwan Forum love you no matter what.



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    alls87 Guest


    You were absolutely great at Worlds. I was holding my breath as I watched you and I was so excited when you skated so well! It was awesome!! Congratulations! You will always be my favorite skater!! Good luck next year


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    Default Congratulations Michelle!

    Congratulations on winning your Fourth World Championship! The best part about it was seeing the joy on your face throughout the long program - it was wonderful! Here's to another fantastic year ahead of you!

    Pittsboro, NC

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    Default Re: Congratulations Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    I have seen you for 3 years skating. I first saw you at 1997 Nationals. I remember you had such a positive attitude you started to be one of my favorite skaters. You have grown up on TV and not once have I seen a bad scene about you or you getting mad and that is amazing! You can handle that so well!

    I recently saw you win your 4th World title. It was a joy to see you that day! We are all so proud of you and we all want to follow in your footsteps.

    We hope you have a wonderful Champions On Ice Tour!!!


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    Default Re: Congratulations Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    I have seen you for 3 years skating. I first saw you at 1997 Nationals. I remember you had such a positive attitude you started to be one of my favorite skaters. You have grown up on TV and not once have I seen a bad scene about you or you getting mad and that is amazing! You can handle that so well!

    I recently saw you win your 4th World title. It was a joy to see you that day! We are all so proud of you and we all want to follow in your footsteps.

    We hope you have a wonderful Champions On Ice Tour!!!


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    Keyla Guest

    Default Re: Congratulations Michelle!

    Michelle congratulations for winning your 4th world title. The way you've skated during the 2001 World Championship was breathtaking, mesmerizing and magical. I've followed your career from Canada since 94 and all I can say is that's a privilege to see you grow up and become the champion you are today. Keep up the hard work and I hope that you'll wear gold in SLC. I'll be rooting for you all the way in SLC. You've won a fan for life.

    Undaunted Courage!

    Keyla K. Wattanapanich
    Montréal, Canada

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    violin1 Guest

    Default Re: Congratulations Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    You are the best. As a tribute to you Winning your fourth World Title I plan on painting you this upcoming summer. I hope you enjoy it. I wish you all the best in what ever you do. Skating and school.

    best wishes,

    Michael Schur

    a follower of Michelle since the 1994 World championships

    my e-mail address is
    Not to invade your Privacy Could you send your address so I may send it through the mail straight to your place?

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    JessaF3 Guest

    Default Congratulations Michelle!

    How do you do it? Class, Skating, and boyfriend. I'm your age, and I attend college, but for me its just so hard to keep up with all of my classes. But this semester I have Anatomy. Do you have to take that? It's so hard, but I'm surviving. I can't wait till I get out of that class. Well, I just wanted to say congratulations on adding another title to your repertoire. I wish you luck with everything especially school and of course skating. My e-mail address is if you ever want to talk. We don't even have to talk about skating--just stuff. Good luck in the future. Kick some butt!

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    Default Re: Congratulations Michelle!

    Dear Michelle,

    I want to congradulate you on your wonderful performance at 2001 Worlds. You were not only good you were the best! Your skating always brings a smile to my face.

    Best Wishes and Continued Susscess,

    Marsha Barlow

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    Valerie Guest

    Default From the bottom of my heart, thank you Michelle!


    Congratulations on your win at Worlds. Simply wanted to express my gratitude to you, for sharing your love and heart with us through your extraordinary skating, and through your magnificent interal beauty. Thank you for sharing such a splendid and mesmerizing World Championships with us, we were very touched.

    The qualifying round, the short program, and the freeskate were truly great. It is that smile, that uplifting theme in your skating that makes the difference. East of Eden was so full of freedom and joy, everyone was touched by it. I loved the way Song of the Black Swan evolved; from a rather dark mood at Skate America, it turned to a program with joy at the worlds with your smiles. Romantic, uplifting, joyful pieces of music suit you best, and music with fire and power gives the program that extra oomph. In the freeskate, I saw moments and Lyra Angelica, and after you struck your end pose, I saw a 15 year old Michelle Kwan with the same fulfillment expression. Salome was one of my favourites too, simply because the music made my heart beat faster, attracting me to it. I hope you will have very powerful, yet joyful music for your programs next season; that spark combined with your spark equals first rate, which can give you an extra edge.

    Take some well-deserved rest, and enjoy the tour. Remember to take some time for yourself. Good luck training for the Olympics, and hopefully you will be back in Lake Arrowhead to skate in the altitude. I really hope you will be back there! Best of luck in your journey.

    "Ask, and it shall be given to you; Seek, and you shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

    Undaunted courage! Just let it go. Take a deep breath, and smile!

    With sincere appreciation,

    Valerie Chung
    Toronto, Canada

    May God bless you and light up the road for you, as you journey through to the Olympic Games. God is love.

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    SkateFan007 Guest

    Default Michelle, You ROCK!!

    Dear Michelle,

    Congratulations on your awesome win at the World Championships! Wow, 4 World titles... that's really something! I just want to say that I'm a 15 year old fan and I've loved you ever since the 1994 U.S. Nationals. I hope that now you will have the experience and confidence needed to win Olympic Gold and a most satisfying way. Good luck in any future pursuits you have left in figure skating and in your later pursuits in life!

    <3 Grishma,
    P.S. I have a webpage dedicated to you!

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    MoonKitty Guest

    Default You're Simply the best!

    WOW, that's all I can muster. You never cease to amaze me with your poise, grace and determination to succeed. Win or lose you'll always be number one in my book, but all the same I hope you achieve the Olympic Gold Medal that eluded you once. Best wishes for the future,
    Kristen H. Lee
    ps, I'll be seeing you at the Hartford COI stop on the 14th!

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    Polonaise Guest

    Default Great job Michelle!

    Congratulations on a wonderful season, and your fourth world title! Like many others, I have been following your skating since you were just a little girl...and can't wait to see you get the GOLD in Salt Lake that you so deserve!!! Keep up the good work.

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    Kwan4Gold2002 Guest

    Default Michelle Kwan, 4-Time World Champ!

    Really has a nice ring to it, huh? Michelle, as a long time adoring fan (I have watched you through all of your world championship years and the years in between) I really have to say congratulations to you. I think this performance is one of my all time favorites because not only were you fabulous, stunning, and brought tears to my eyes, but you looked so happy. I hope you felt as happy as you looked because seeing you on the ice made me feel better about myself. I guess you have that influence on me, you really make my days a little bit easier because you bring a smile to my face, a tear to my eye, and joy to my heart.

    As a 15 year old, you serve as my hero. I truly love you for what you are on and off the ice. Thank you so much for once again sharing with the world some of your magic, and you deserve all of the glory that you will ever get X 1000 because you truly have the heart and soul of a champion! Congrats!<3

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    Buttercup Guest

    Default Go Michelle! Go Bruins!

    For the people who love your skating and love the person who you are - without even having met you! - there are no words that can adequately describe the feeling we get when we witness your strength and beauty and the pure joy that you skate with and share with each and every one of us. Congratulations on an incredible week at Worlds!

    After winning Gold in Salt Lake next year, don't take too long to get back to Westwood! UCLA will be anxiously awaiting your return with many an awesome experience to offer!

    From the bottom of this UCLA alum's heart (Class of '91!),
    Go Michelle! Go Bruins!


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    skatingfan Guest

    Default Michelle Congratulations

    You are the world champ[ion for the 4th time, and the legend grows. I want to thank you for giving us the wonderful experience of watching you grow and skate. You are truly inspiring. Thanks for the memories.


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