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Thread: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please read!

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    Default Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please read!

    The other thread is getting *really* long, which is great! We can keep that open, people can continue throwing around ideas in there, and those wanting to contribute can post in there if they want as well. But I think we all want to start doing something, so, hopefully this is a start. Here's a link to the original thread, so it won't get lost after I unstick it from the top later on:

    We really need to decide what we are doing before we decide the other details (what to put on it, how to present it.) The most important thing is *what* to give her. So, please go and vote for whether it should be a medal, or a pendant:

    The other important part is what it should be made of. After that's decided, we can go about contacting people to make it, etc. So, please go and vote for what metal you think the gift should be made of:

    Also, it would be good to know how much people will be giving, so we can figure out a price range of what to get (and if something is in the ballpark, or way too expensive). So, go vote for what you think you will donate for the project (you can always change your mind in the future, but this way, we can get a general idea):

    Finally, and this is the newest idea...donating money to charity (Childrens Miracle Network, since Michelle works with them) in Michelle's name, in addition to what we present to her. Since there are so many people interested in helping already, whatever the price of the gift is, we can match that and donate it to CMN in Michelle's name. I think there would be enough money for this. Even if there isn't, there would be extra money left over, and that would go to the charity (instead of just worrying about paying for the gift.) I personally love this idea, but this is *our* project, so go and vote whether you like this idea or not:

    It was also suggested that some donating wish to remain anonymous, and that is fine as well. We can have a book, or something (that can be decided later) with a list of everyone (who wants to be mentioned) who contributed, with either just their name or with a small message as well. The details of this can be decided later.

    Please, if you haven't already, go and vote in all four polls. Vote only once. Is a deadline of Saturday too soon (or late?) If there's a problem with that deadline, I can change it, but I think it's good for us to have a set deadline, so we know we are going forward with this. After this is decided, we can move forward. Grace and I will be making a webpage with all the ideas, so when we get that that part, we'll have a clearer picture instead of the jumbled original thread.

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    TheRyanMan Guest

    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re


    I respectfully submit that we first need to decide on what we are trying to accomplish with this.


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    JinGXionG Guest

    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re

    ok, what i personally suggest is the medal--platinum
    also giving something to charity would also be nice
    having a bit of both would be superb

    what i think is that on the medal
    should have something related to Michelle
    for me, i think should be Michelle's Trademark Move
    For many people , it owuld be her Spiral
    same for me
    thats what i think should be on the medal
    michelle doing the spiral
    but with some words on it
    i cant think of any nice words at the moment
    but i rememberd some of u guys mentioning some really Great things

    Michelle's Life Long Fan

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    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re

    To respond to RyanMan, as you suggested, I believe the following should be the main goal:

    "To recognize MK for all the ways she has "transcended" the sport of skating. Her integrity, her graciousness in both victory and defeat, her "class" if you will. The things that make her more than just a great skater."

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    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re

    Our intent is to show our appreciation for Michelle's accomplishments and her dedication to the sport of figure skating. I think this was pretty clear in the original thread. We aren't giving her a consolation prize, and we aren't sending the message that bronze isn't good enough. This medal is showing our appreciation for everything she's done over the past eight years. In practice, in competition, and in life. All we want to do is remind her that we still think she's above golden. I don't think that this is a subject we need to vote on, if that's what you're proposing. I think our goal is pretty clear, but if anyone is uncertain, let us know so we can discuss it further.

    Thanks for starting this thread Heather!

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    JinGXionG Guest

    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re

    All the way Man
    michelle is worth so much more. She cant be weight against something else
    Can someone teach me how to create a poll?


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    mkisthebest Guest

    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re

    Dear Heather:

    Bless your heart for taking the lead and I am so happy to have a channel to express my appreciation to Michelle after all these years! I am angry toward the judging system (ISU, etc.) for the way they wrong her so let's do our best to show her how much she deserves the "Platinum," not "Gold."

    I also like the idea of including a personal message from each participant to Michelle just to let her know who we are and how devoted we are to her as a person, not just her career!!

    I hope that everyone will spread the words to collect more resource and make this project a huge success, and show how wrong the system is to diss the greatest female skater, not jumper, ever to represent the United State!

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    JinGXionG Guest

    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re
    hey guys go to this page and see the post by Raquellina

    Its Fantastic!
    Go read it


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    liza Guest

    Default platimun medal

    I definitely want platimun medal.It might be costly but it worth it.Whatever you decide count me in.

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    icequeenkwan Guest

    Default Re: platimun medal

    I agree, Platinum, and I am in as well. However I will be away from a computer until next wed. 3/6/02. I hope I don't miss out, on where to send my donations. Thank you

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    badhairday Guest

    Default oooh

    i like the idea that Raquellina brought up. Oh well, whatever the majority decides.

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    Default Re: oooh

    The idea by Raquellina was definitely a good one.......I like that idea.....and as long as not too much is going on with this "medal" I think that idea would be highlights everything. Everyone take a look.

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    Soozdh Guest

    Default Re: Project planning thread #1--Everyone who's in, please re

    I agree - I think Raquellina's idea sounds great! I know there are lots of people here with great artistic "vision" so we should definitely vote on what everybody would feel comfortable with. But, I do think her idea encompasses everything we want to say to Michelle and crystal pieces with etchings can be so beautiful. I also agree that "less" is more and we should keep it simple and clean and elegant.

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    Frumpy Guest

    Default Raquellina's idea

    Excellent idea.

    Crystal for the figures and platinum background is definately a good idea. I would think that keeping it simple would be the most sophisticated. Maybe the diamond is unnecessary if we have the gold, silver and bronze touches in it.

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    Frumpy Guest

    Default medal ribbon

    One other thing...
    From the voting, it looks like the medal idea is doing well.

    What color/thickness should the ribbon be? I think it should be thick (approx 1.5 to 2 inches) either royal blue or purple. Or maybe dark blue with purple design throughout (like ivy) That would look really regal.

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    Default Re: medal ribbon

    I like Raquellina's idea, but worry that it might be a little too complex.

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    Apr 1999
    New York

    Default Re: medal ribbon

    I love the idea of giving it a crystal center and then Platinum around the edges! And thanks Heather, for organizing this! I really think Michelle will enjoy it, count me in!

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    Yankees Suck 01 Guest

    Default Re: medal ribbon

    I want to help so add my name and money to anything you come up with..

  19. Default I also wonder about the crystal/platinum design

    Kwadruple: I too wonder about the crystal/platinum design that Raquellina suggested. While the symbolism is lovely, I'm not really sure how/if it could be executed, especially the plating of the crystal with platinum and then engraving the back. I've posted more about this in both the "metal" poll and in the original topic, so I won't repeat everything again here. I'll just say that I think we need to have some more expert input (from jewelers, metalsmiths, etc.) before we go too far in any one direction. And of course, we need to see some actual drawings of the proposed designs to really be able to judge even the way it looks, much less if the blueprints will be translatable to a finished product. JMO.

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    Feb 2000

    Default Raquellina's Idea

    sounds great to me. For the details (e.g., diamond, ribbons) I'm fine with whatever people decide. Please count me in!

    Now we are discussing on the materials and designs. The next would be the cost, right?

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    beccafrew Guest

    Default Re: Raquellina's Idea

    Please count me in, just let me know what I need to do.


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    Default Re: Raquellina's Idea

    OH!! I have a serious connection, if we decide to go crystal. One of my old middle school teachers (we're talking 10 years ago) and her husband own a crystal company. I still live in town and it would be sooo easy to contact her. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I would be more than happy to.

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    Cricket96 Guest

    Default Another idea

    I was thinking of having a coat of arms on the medal. 5 symbols: the coat of arms will be divided into 4 with the heart in the middle.

    1) Ice skates -- her passion, her life, her love
    2) Torch -- representing a legend
    3) Trophy -- her standing
    4) 3 little people -- her fans

    ...or whatever you want.

    ...and on the rim we inscribe: "Legend of Inspriation - Champion of our Hearts"

    BUT if you really want crystal in it, Raquellina's idea sounds beautiful (almost made me cry), but does sound rather complex. Crystal can be replaced by glass, so that would be more affordable. Then have a platinum rim around it. Diamonds are too expensive. I know how to write the word phoenix (feng-hwang), but the symbol doesn't quite express "inspiration" and "champion." It would rather represent "strength."

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    Default Re: Another idea

    OK I just voted!!! I really like the idea of "Champion of our Hearts" as the inscription!! But whatever is decided will be beautiful!

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    Raquellina Guest

    Default other ideas

    Wow! This brainstorming is so much fun. My original idea was to have the bronze/silver/gold swirl actually painted on the back to the crystal - not inside of it. It sounds much more complicated that I envision it, but unfortunately I paint with words much better than with any artistic medium. I leave the mechanics up to those who know. Maybe glass instead of crystal? Maybe the entire concept is technically impossible?

    But PLEASE, I am just offering up ideas. I love the coat of arms notion as well.

    Another thought I had was for something much more simple for the actual medal. The heart of gold surrounded by platinum. (This could be a silver medal with gold and platinum plating, or glass or crystal with gold leaf, or...well, the possibilities are endless.) Then, the ribbon could actually have bronze, silver, and gold colors or thread in it. If the diamonds were truly wanted, then they could be pave' (did I spell that correctly? and wouldn't that be less expensive?) - in the actual hook/connector from the ribbon that holds the medal. Much of the symbolism remains.

    There was a beautiful description of a box in the original thread. Some have suggested a frame instead. I am not sure who typed the original about the box, but I was wondering if a shadow box could be made? That would make the presentation and display of the medal quite noteworthy.

    I am mostly interested in doing something positive for Michelle. I know with so many creative people, we will come up with exactly the right way to say, "We love you, Michelle!"

    I also want to encourage people to seriously consider donating to charity. That is more than a gesture. Money and time given to needy organizations changes lives. Let us make an effort to better our world. If we can make Michelle smile with true gladness in the meantime, all the better!


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