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Thread: Project Planning Thread #3

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    Default Project Planning Thread #3

    I'm starting a third thread on the project because I thought the other one was getting large. Again, anything on the project should be posted in this thread (instead of all over the forum) to keep things less confusing. If you have questions about the medal design submissions, you can post it here or in the Medal Design Info thread here:

    Quick update...lets see, how to donate has been decided, obviously. There is no deadline for that yet, so keep sending your donations to Anna:

    skatinfan5 has been in contact with the two companies that will be involved in making the medal, the NWT mint (the company that will design/make the medal) and Artisan Plating (who would platethe medal with plantinum). Everyone should read what she found out recently from the Project Planning Thread #2, specifically here:

    We've been discussing the voting process. I think it's obvious the best way to go about it is to vote on specific parts of the different medals, but how to go about that is still undecided. We can continue discussing that here.

    I've closed the other thread just so it won't get confusing (people still posting in that thread, but the main discussion going on here...that type of thing.) But I'll leave Thread #2 up for a bit because it contains important info that should be continued. After that's been discussed here, I can move Thread #2 to the Projects section of the forum, like I did for Thread #1.

    The past thread, Project Planning Thread #2:

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    michellekwansfan Guest

    Default Yay! We're on thread #3!!!

    8) :rollin 8) :rollin 8) :rollin 8) :rollin 8) :rollin

    It sounds like there are about two more weeks left before voting begins on the medal designs. Right now may be a little bit early for me to do this, but since I'm really excited about this project...:rolleyes Anyway, if it's OK with Heather and the rest of you, I'll volunteer to attempt the categorization of all the design elements (words, phrases, pictures, borders, diamonds, finishing, etc.) so that voting on the final design can be made easier. I don't know how to actually post polls in the "Projects" section, so maybe Heather will do that (or tell me how to, if it can be done easily from a PC), but I love organizing information and tallying numbers, and I have been dying to help in some way with this project beyond contributing money, so here goes. As long as this idea is OK with Heather, I would love to have input from the rest of you concerning exactly what categories should be created and what kind of voting system should be used (voting for first choices only in each category, voting for first, second, and/or third choices in each category, everyone voting for a "custom" design composed of all of his/her favorite elements, etc.). There are a lot of ways this conceivably can be done, and I am only one person with one perspective; I'd love to get different points of view on this. HOWEVER -- Heather, this is your forum, and everyone trusts you in the general facilitation of this project, so if you'd rather decide on all of this yourself or discuss it with only a few other people, I do NOT mean to cause any trouble or step in your space. If I have already done so, just go ahead and boot me back in line, it's your right.

    Just my two cents...:rolleyes :p

    -- michellekwansfan

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    Default Re: Yay! We're on thread #3!!!

    michellekwansfan-Oh, no, I'd love that!! Yes, thank you so much! It's not too early, this may take a while. And if it's finished close to the deadline, then we can vote right away (I'll be away the weekend after the deadline, so the earliest the voting would start is that Monday or Tuesday.) You can always e-mail me the info, and I can post it. If you just need to post a poll, you just hit "Add Poll" on instead of "Add Topic" in the projects section.

    And...this isn't *my* forum, it's our forum. I am just the moderator, here to help solve problems, that type of thing. This is a group project, any help, suggestions, etc is welcomed. There's no space to be stepped on.

    For suggestions, what you said sounds great. So far, maybe (1) main graphic (like the center one, that type of thing) (2) "motto" (and there can be possibilities that weren't used on one of the medals as well) (3) border (4) other graphics (like one had 6s)

  4. Default Re: Yay! We're on thread #3!!!

    Thanks for staying on the ball, Heather Things are really moving along nicely. Thanks again to skatingfan5!!

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    Default Re: Michelle

    Out of curiosity, how do you plan on getting this medal to Michelle? To have some sort of public presentation would require a lot of strings being pulled. Will someone just give it to her the next time they see her at the rink or at a competition, or how is that all going to work.

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    Default Skatingfan5

    I'm in a fog about Artisian plating the NWTM medal. I've read through the posts, but can't find one since the long one about NWTM. What did you find out? Do both companies agree that the medal will be of the same quality? If Artisian plates the medal in platinum will that be the last step? In other words the medal will be all one color, right? Will they be able to polish part of it and matt finish part of it? It will be good to know this before we start voting on designs. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Skatingfan5

    Wow, I have been away from the forum for a little while and I feel so out of the loop- I spent so much time catching up today! Anyway, I think I'm back in, lol.

    michellekwansfan - I agree with you about voting on the categories for the final medal design rather than on a specific medal, and that way everyone is more apt to be happy with the final product. Since there are so many people involved I think we would have to just vote on each "category" and not on custom medals because there would be so many that one medal probably would not get a clear majority but within each category there probably would be. Like you said, each person would be more likely to be happy with at least one aspect of the design if we went about it in that way. I also think that voting on your top choice for each category would be sufficient although if you can't choose just one and have a "top two" for some category I suppose you could cast your vote for both, but I think that second and third place is not neccessary to begin with. The only way that would be neccessary I think is that if two choices for a certain category were close and there wasn't a clear majority we could have a poll for first choice and second choice, and third if need be and try to find a clearer majority that way. Just my two cents though.

    skater23 - I think that we have not even really started to discuss the presentation of the medal just yet because it would be too much to think about. I think once we figure out the design we'll move on to presentation details, because like you already mentioned, there are a lot of aspects to that.

    Also, I guess that is has been pretty well-established that people are in favor of a scrapbook, so Colleen and I will have to talk about that some more and I'll start a new thread about that soon for suggestions, ideas, etc.
    One thing about the scrapbook- it is very feasible to include many of the sayings, slogans, quotes, etc. into the scrapbook in some way or another that are popular but don't actually make it to the medal design.

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    Default Splits!

    I thin you are GREAT! Love your ideas. Thanks for your enthusiasm! It wore off on me and, man, did I need it today!

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    Default michellekwansfan

    Thank you for offering to organize the info. The categories Heather suggested encompass what I had in mind when I first suggested voting by category:

    <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> (1) main graphic (like the center one, that type of thing)
    (2) "motto" (and there can be possibilities that weren't used on one of the medals as well)
    (3) border
    (4) other graphics (like one had 6s)

    Also, I would suggest adding something for the backside of the medal..should there be something on the back, if so what?

    I agree that each person should vote for ONE item in each category. That will help us narrow down the choices, especially on the first pass. We may need to do a couple of iterations of the survey to narrow things down.

    Is there a way to limit the voting to people who are contributing to the medal? I am a "little" concerned about getting a lot of votes from people not contributing, or worse, from outsiders or trolls who have no true interest in supporting Michelle. For example, could the poll be passworded, and people receive the password when they make their contribution? Or would this too difficult to administer? Or am I worrying needlessly?

    I would be glad to assist you in coming up with the categories and organizing the survey if that would help. But you sound quite capable!

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    Default Re: getting the medal to Michelle

    skater23 you ask a good question which I have also been wondering about. We need to start thinking about this, because it could take a while to work out the logistics. I think that a scheduled presentation would be appropriate if that is at all possible. This is a big deal for MKF and it would be so nice to do an official type of presentation. It is so much more that sending flowers or cards.

    I also think the presentation should be more than a member hanging out at the rink to see if they run into Michelle. Possible suggestions are:
    1) The most obvious is to contact Shep's office, tell him what we are doing & see what he can assist with. After all it would be great PR opportunity. I don't know how easy or hard it would be to get in contact with Shep.
    2) We know that Michelle is coming to g-man's fs club in Minneapolis because they won some kind of a contest to meet her. If g-man is willing, could we have him/her make the presentation? Of course, it would have to be cleared with the club too. And I don't know when she is coming to his club & if the medal will be ready by then.
    3)Contact Lk Arrow. and see if we can do something at the rink since I guess that's where she is training now. Of course, she is on tour until Aug, so there may be a timing issue. And they won't give out any schedule info unless they really have confidence in who we are.
    4) Would it be possible to contact Peter Oppergard/Karen Kwan through their rink? MAYBE they would be a little more accessible than Shep & they would probably be glad to help us make arrangements because they would love to see Michelle recognized!

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    Yankees Suck 01 Guest

    Default Re: getting the medal to Michelle

    I think having G-Man give it the medal to her is a great idea. He is a big Michelle fan and seems to represent the forum in a good light. I like that idea.
    Either that or contact her agent.

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    Except that I am moving out of state in a couple of months, I could help out with the Lake Arrowhead front, because I used to skate there. Most of the people I knew up there have left as well, but I could probably track someone down. I see Karen and Peter from time to time, but I don't feel comfortable getting either of them involved. Contacting Shep shouldn't be too difficult to do. That would probably be the best idea.

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    iloveskating-Jenny and I are possibly able to contact some people on that list. My personal choice was to present it at the Lake Arrowhead show, but I don't even know when that will be or if it's possible then. I am going to e-mail someone I originally e-mailed about the project before, but now that things are moving a bit more, I'll have more info for them.

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    michellekwansfan Guest

    Default INPUT PLEASE!!!!!!!

    I've been doing a LOT of thinking about the design information categorization, and it seems to me that we need to vote in two separate stages. I think we need to decide on the basic elements of the design first, right after the design deadline passes. At this point, I see four basic categories for this stage. They are: 1) main graphic (big center image); 2) secondary graphic (e.g., background of 6s); 3) motto; and 4) border. After we decide on those elements, we can move on to the second stage. This would encompass: 1) whether or not we want a back side; 2) whether or not we want more than one motto, and if so, what the second, third, etc., one would be; 3) whether or not we want diamonds; 4) whether or not we want the design to contain more than one color; and 5) whether or not we want multiple types of finishing (i.e., matte, shiny, etc.) on the medal. Basically, we'd be doing the simple stuff first and the more complicated stuff later, lol. :rolleyes :p However, now that I'm thinking about it, we may want to vote on the diamond and back side issues along with the initial elements, since that would remove a lot of complication from the picture before it would start. In order for this voting to go successfully, I need input from the rest of you. What elements do you think we should vote on first? Are there any elements I've missed and need to include here? To Heather specifically: Is it O.K. for us to vote on the diamond and back side issues before the rest of the voting begins? Could I e-mail you a basic medal diagram (NOT a design -- just a picture to help everyone visualize all of the elements involved and where they would be on the medal) for you to post on your medal website? And to anyone who has a computer program superior to MS Paint (:rolleyes :p ) and would be willing to use just a few minutes of your time for this -- after both the first and second voting stages, we'll probably need to post a picture of what the design looks like "so far". Considering the possible complexities of the final design, this would have to involve a much better program than Paint and a much more visual, artistic person than myself. :rolleyes I would be EXTREMELY grateful for any help in this area, and also for ANY input anyone has whatsoever. Thanks!!!

    -- michellekwansfan

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    Default Re: INPUT PLEASE!!!!!!!

    I think we would have to decide whether we want to have two sides before voting on designs.

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    Default Re: INPUT PLEASE!!!!!!!

    michellekwansfan-Sure you can e-mail me me that, and I'll put it on the site.

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    Default Re: INPUT PLEASE!!!!!!!

    michelleskwanfan, I agree that we will probably need more than one stage of voting, as we narrow down the design options etc as you described. That is a good idea. I think your categories for the front are good. I would put whether or not we have a back side in stage one, not stage 2.

    In fact, in stage 1 we could have 2 lists to vote on, one list for the front as you outlined, and a 2nd list for the back. One of the choices would be "no back side". The other back side choices could be different from the front side choices, based on the designs submitted. For example, a list of her medals, the chinese characters, a skating graphic (for ex. if the spiral is on the front, then maybe we would want a split falling leaf, or charlotte on the back). You get the idea.

    Another category, probably in stage 2 will be the ribbon color(s).

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    michellekwansfan Guest

    Default Re: INPUT PLEASE!!!!!!!

    You guys have a lot of great ideas -- thanks so much for sharing! I'm thinking about the information in your posts, and I think maybe we should move the multiple-motto issue to the stage 1 as well. That way, if the consensus is that we want more than one motto on one or both sides of the medal, we can arrange polls for people's first AND second choices for stage 2. Also, I agree with iloveskating that a poll on ribbon design would be a good addition to the second phase of voting.

    If anyone has more ideas, I would love to hear them. Also, if anyone would be willing to work with me on visualizing and computer-drawing the design as we vote on it, please e-mail me at -- I would love to talk with you!

    -- michellekwansfan

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    modicum Guest

    Default Re: I'm impressed!

    Just wanted to say I'm impressed with the progress you all have made on this project. I had to stay away from the Forum for awhile because I was spending too much time here, and when I came back lo and behold you had already figured out how to collect the donations and began collecting design ideas! After the Olympics it seemed like things were taking forever but it's really been moving along. It is neat to see how people working together can accomplish things (also for anyone interested in Sociology the forum is like a little "mini-government" or informal organization where we can get a glimpse of social interaction and what types of decision-making, planning and cooperative behavior work best).

    I just wrote my check and I'll be sending it tomorrow, plus I'll submit my design as soon as I finish it. Thanks again to all you planners and keep up the great work!

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    Sunnyskate Guest

    Default Re: I'm impressed!

    I was on break so I was gone and I'd just like to say I like everyone's ideas This is a great project!

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    Default I vote for presenting it at Lake Arrowhead

    I live near there. It's actually closer to me than El Segundo, so I would love to be there when it's presented to her !

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    Default Re: I vote for presenting it at Lake Arrowhead

    <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> (also for anyone interested in Sociology the forum is like a little "mini-government" or informal organization where we can get a glimpse of social interaction and what types of decision-making, planning and cooperative behavior work best).<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->

    yes I have thought about this. It is so amazing how this forum, esentially a group of strangers but with one common interest, can work together to accomplish such a huge project, involving egos, ideas, and lots of $$$ too. Maybe it's easier that we don't know each other so well & can't meet face to face. Maybe that keeps a lot of the personality differences & onfusion out of it. Maybe we should send Heather to the middle east to help mediate their problems!

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    modicum Guest


    Yes sending Heather is a good idea! Maybe we could have the Middle East antagonists set up a "Peace Forum" in cyberspace where they wouldn't have to meet face to face! Plus they would have to type out their ideas, which might give them some clarity of thought, if that's even possible, in addition to being accountable for what they typed on the record.

    As far as the cooperation, I was thinking in terms of Anarchy, Socialism, Communism (Community) and Democracy, how it is so difficult to get everyone to agree (ever seen a school board meeting? , but possible that the extra time it takes is worth it in terms of everyone having fair and equal input and "owning" the result. But in contrast, when Heather made the "executive decision" of how to handle the donations, it made that part go so much quicker. She's not really "elected," but in a way we all "elected" to be part of this forum/group/coalition, and we all agreed with her decision I guess because she knows more about this person than we do, and for some good reasons (long-term association with long-standing members of the group, evidence of responsibility in that she takes care of this whole site, etc.) we trust her. But she also might not have stayed with that decision if most of us didn't agree (i.e., it's not a dictatorship).

    So it is an interesting mix of all that. I guess the Internet in general is like a type of new frontier where new methods of interaction and "governance" (if any) are being explored. (Note I didn't advocate or criticize any type of Gov't or try to start a discussion but just noted we can all take our own ideas of what works from what we see here.) OK I'll shut up now because this thread is about planning, not analysis. But it's so cool that we are doing all this stuff and many of us don't even know each other at all! Which is more testament to Michelle and the qualities that she inspires in people. And a testament to all of us for recognizing it!

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    Default Vote

    Still want to know what NWTM and Artisian Plating company think about a joint product. We need facts about what is realistically possible before we can organize a vote -- one side, two sides, the cost of each if both are possible, all one color? It seems to me that if a NWTM medal is coated in platinum it will be dull. Can Artisian plate part of the medal leaving a second color or texture? Where are you Skatingfan5?
    Forgive me if I've missed posts about this subject.

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    modicum Guest

    Default Re: put designs in scrapbook

    Someone mentioned including all of our slogans in the scrapbook; we could also just include all the medal designs that people submitted. (Also, and maybe more farfetched, someone here had made a CD of songs to listen to after SLC, would it be too difficult to add another "gift" and also give Michelle a CD of songs that make us think of her or that made us feel better after SLC?) I guess by the time we're done it'll be a whole gift basket!


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