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Thread: HI MKF, It's me MK!!

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    Default Hi Michelle!!!

    Michelle, you are my hero! Words just can't express how much all your inspiration, determintation, and character means and how much you motivate me. All your beauty, courage, spirit-everything about you is so amazing. I'm so grateful to have seen you skate at COI this summer to FOG. My breath was taken away and your skating has swept me off of my feet. Through the years to this season, I've admired your determination and integrity. Thanks for all that you are, all that you've given to us. I'm glad to hear how you are doing, from yourself (This is such a joyous moment, I'm tearing up) Thanks for taking the time to post here, to let us know how everything's going. Keep up the great work! We will keep supporting you. I love you. We all love you!
    Rooting for you at NATIONALS!!!!

    Love, Christel

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    Default Thanks so much

    Thank you so much for all the joy your skating has brought to millions of people. On and off the ice you are truly a role model. We are honored to have you post here and recognize us. Best of luck in everything you do. We support you no matter what!

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    Default Re: MICHELLE

    I, like many others, am pretty much speechless. I'm in tears because I have always wanted to say this to you Michelle.

    Because of you, three years ago I finally learned to skate...and it's been one of the most rewarding things in my life. I don't compete, I can't do triples or anything difficult...I just skate for the joy of it, for myself, to become one with my music, because that's what you've done for years...I follow your example...and I thank you for that every time I'm on the ice.

    What you've brought to this sport is something that can't be described, it's intangable, but I do know it's there in every program, every movement, every big smile and subtle gesture you make.

    Many thanks for showing the world what a true champion is and giving others the courage to aspire to be the same, on or off the ice.

    You're a beautiful person and inspiration to us all! Thanks for posting...we love you and we'll always be there for you.

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    Liz D. Guest

    Default Hi Michelle!!!

    Thanks for posting Michelle! Your skating has brought all of us so much joy. Thank you so much for everything! I'm speechless!!!!!! This is so exciting!!

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    Default Re: Thanks so much

    Here's a really brilliant suggestion ... ARCHIVE !! ARCHIVE!!


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    dadof4 Guest


    Hi Michelle,

    Your post has brought me out of hiding. I have been mainly lurking for years; but I want to tell you how much you have meant to me and my wife. The artistry of your skating, the wonderful upbeat and yet disciplined approach to life, your ability to accept the disappointments as well as the highs, your beauty - both physical and spiritual, all this and more have been sources of inspiration to us.

    The people of the forum love you unconditionally. So, you know you can never disappoint us.

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    I second that dadof4!!! Michelle, you are a great inspiration to all.

    we love you!!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by

  8. Default MK comes to the Forum

    WOA. What a way to start the day. If I could do a backflip I would. Just want to say to Michelle that we here at MKForum will continue to support you and you never know where we will turn up! You have enriched all our lives beyond measure. Thanks for staying eligible.

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    How Awesome this is!!!! To be visited by the Angel herself. Truly KWANDERFUL!!
    Michelle if you come back and have time to read this very long thread just know that WE LOVE YOU. You are the greatest skater and the sweetest person. I'm so glad to have been able to see you skate and to have had you take a picture with me. Keep up the good work and congrats on all your sucess. We'll be watching and cheering you on. You are always in our hearts and our thoughts and prayers.


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    You have just made our year. For you to stop in and say "Hi!". You are absolutly amazing. you have brought so much to this sport and to the hearts of your fans, both young and old. My daughter, who just turned 6, is just in awe of you. She wants to be a figure skater just like you. Thank you for being such a great role model.
    We love you!!!!
    See you at COI, Atlanta!!!!!

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    Default Re: MK comes to the Forum

    Dearest Michelle

    wow...i've never written to a celebrity before, and am kinda starstruck like everyone else please excuse us...

    Anyhow, my family and i would like to say a million thank you's for being the lovely role model that you are. As many people have said already, no matter how many wins or losses you have gone thru or will go thru, we want to say we just love you for the person that you are - a great role model for young people of all different color and background today, one of the greatest athletes ever, and most importantly a genuine person whose modesty, dignity and poise shines thru and thru. You have held us in awe with your exquisite skating and continue to mesmerize us with your amazing abilities, both as a skater and as a person. I as an adult have been inspired by your determination and hard work ethics, as i know you've inspired many other people as well. Again, thank you so much!
    We wish you much success and happiness in your future!!

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    shell4mk Guest

    Default Michelle

    Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for posting. I really can't add anything that hasn't already been said better. Never doubt that you are loved by your fans! Your skating has given us many special moments and you've shared your journey so openly with all of us that we've felt we've been a part of your life. We've watched you grow and felt the pain and the joy that you've experienced and we'll always be rooting for you, whatever you decide to do. Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with us on the ice. Good Luck in all you do!

    Michelle M.

    PS: I finally got to see your new short program and it's fabulous.

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    Thats right!!!

    ...And as we're all screaming our excitement in rooting for you and believing in you at Nationals and ALWAYS, I want to tell you what that means in MKF terms.

    Rooting is not rooting for someone to win.
    Rooting is not rooting for someone else to fall.
    It is the overflow of excitement and pride that we have felt ever since we saw the Glow-worm Michelle emerge a few months theory is that it started with a bronze medal.

    It is from February 21 when we saw you smile
    It is from Febraury 22 when we cried with you and hugged our TV sets, and each other.
    It is from April 16 when a group of MKFers went to Hershey's (HI!) to cheer for "Our Michelle" in hopes to simply tell her two words "Thank You."
    It is from a summer of COI's when you touched a nation and report after report came back to the Forum about a "glow" and the developing collective hunch that "she's not done yet. No way!"
    It is from the day we found out that you had a new coach.
    It is from the day in October when we first saw Aranjuez.
    It is from the day we read reports of an AMAZING short program that rocked the house and was FULL OF POWER.
    It is from November 13, when at about 8:40 am, a collective scream was heard around the world with the sentence "...And that's why I've decided to compete this year..."
    It is from November 14 when you met many MKFers and made dreams come true.

    So you see, Michelle, the outcome of Nationals is not important to us. It is the fact that you are there. That you are following your heart every single day. That is why we are crying. That is why we will root for you, cheer for you, love you, believe in you forever. True, your skating is more than magical. Many, inlcuding myself have said that it takes you on a journey. It can heal, it can move hearts and move mountains.

    However, it is MICHELLE that we are proud of.

    I'm telling you, I would pay to see you sit on the ice and I'd be there cheering until I had no voice.

    We all would.

    Have a blast at Nationals...can't wait to see that smile (and SMIRAL!!-thats our name for your spiral, by the's your SMILE that makes it the best!)

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    Jlta it's so good to know another MKFer in Atlanta. Are there more??

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    HeatherV23 Guest

    Default Hi :-)

    Wow, even though school has kept me so busy, I still stop by, and this was an incredible suprise to see! At least if I type here, I can at least make sure I'm saying what I want to say before I make a fool out of myself like I did at those Binghamton Events where I tried to say hello and felt like a bumbling idiot ;-)

    Well, there are a million and one things to try to say, but I think everyone's already said it. So I guess the one thing I will say is:

    Michelle, thank you so much for being such an inspiration.... In all aspects of life. I don't think any of us could have picked a better role model: You know what's important in life and you are following that with your heart. It means a lot to us.

    (the other one .... with the really outdated webpage )

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    Default Re: WOW

    I just returned from an out-of-town trip. Imagine my joy when I logged in to the forum and saw all of the wonderful things going on.

    Welcome to the forum, Michelle, and thank you for taking time to post. As you can see, you are SO much loved by everyone - we all wish you happiness in your career and life.

    As a bonus, I got to see your SP. (I feel like a little kid who just opened a Christimas gift.) It is simply great! I'll be going to Worlds this year and I can't wait to see this program and you in person.

    Have a Happy Holiday - see ya at Worlds!


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    Add me to the list of people happy to see that Michelle has finally posted here at MKF. I think the fact Michelle posted here endorses this website as her "OFFICIAL Messageboard". It's time to change the forum's name to "The Official Michelle Kwan Forum".

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    Sheekah1 I live here in Atlanta also I will send you a PM.

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    Default Re: WOW

    Awwww, Michelle thanks for stopping by to say hi to us!!! There isn't much more I can add because everyone has said such wonderful things to you and about you and I couldn't agree with them more. I just want to you know it's been a pleasure seeing you become the beautiful young woman that you have. I remember seeing you for the first time at the Olympic Festival in '93 with that big sombrero on your head and thinking, it's going to be fun to see what becomes of her...and what joy it's been! I hope you know we all love you and support you no matter what

    I hope you and you family have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and blessed new year!

    Thanks again, and Good luck at Nationals!

  20. Default wow

    Thank you so much Michelle for you post. It has totally made my day. You are the greatest skater in the world never forget that! And kick some butt and nationals!

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    Default hi

    Hey MK! Glad you stopped by. Come around more often. Many have said it better than me, but the sentiment is the same, plain and simple:

    we love you.


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    Default Re: WOW

    Dear Michelle,

    Welcome! Thank you very much for posting. You made everyone's day! I hope you feel at home here and will post again from time to time.

    To borrow from a Christmas carol, "Although it's been said many times, many ways," you're an inspiration to so many of us. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

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    Undaunted Courage Guest

    Default Hi Michelle, you are my hero!

    Thank you for posting on the forum. You will forever be my hero and you are the epitome of grace. You skate with so much freedom and grace, you conduct your life with grace both on and off the ice, and when you fell in Salt Lake City, I swear that you even fell with grace!!! We, at the Michelle Kwan Forum, will forever be here for you. That said, I hope to see you in Turino. We don't care if you win gold, we just want you to skate with freedom and joy. By doing that, I know that you will gain satisfaction. I recently inherited a large sum of money. My mom asked me what I wanted to do with it. The first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to travel to Turino in 2006 to see you skate. But regardless, I will be happy as long as YOU do what makes you happy, whether that be the Olympics or not. My screen name is "Undaunted Courage". This is what you have and that is why you are my hero.


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    mkfantoo Guest

    Default Re: WOW

    Dear Michelle,

    Welcome to MKF! You've made all of us very happy by posting your message.

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the joy your skating has brought to me. I've been a fan of many skaters, but it's only your skating that I've felt an emotional connection with. It's been a pleasure watching you grow from a girl to the young woman that you are today.

    I think TFB is one of your best short programs, and can't wait to see it live at Worlds!

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    corncake Guest

    Default Ni hao, Michelle!

    Michelle! I knew this was for real when I saw that it had that 'tack' icon next to the thread!

    You are such a beautiful person. I remember hearing about you skating in the Olympic Festival back when you were 12 and I admired you ever since! Most celebrities try to put on the image that they're gracious and humble and care about their fans, but you don't put on that image-- you ARE all those things, for real. It isn't just an image for you. I appreciate how thoughtful you are of all of us. Every single encounter I've read about how people have met you at COI or wherever has always been extremely positive, including my own! I swear I was walking on Cloud 9 after I got really lucky, received a pass to get backstage, and meet you at the San Jose COI earlier this summer. Seeing FOG in person... a dream come true! You are so elegant and so exquisite!

    I hope you like the book I gave you Chicken Soup For The College Soul. I know you plan to go back to school sometime, so even though you're not in college right now you can read the funny stories and prepare! (or you can even relate to them, since you did attend for awhile!)



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