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Thread: HI MKF, It's me MK!!

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    Default Thank You Michelle!

    You've inspired me in every way imaginable to be a better, stronger, and more courageous person. I've followed skating since 1976, and I've never been touched by any skater the way you've touched me. Your skating simply reaches our souls. It's difficult to explain, but you heal us with every performance.

    Thank you so much, Michelle, for sharing your wonderful gift with us for all these years. And, we only hope and pray we will be privileged to see you for more years to come.

    Please remember this always ... it's not the medals you win, it's who you are and what you stand for to all of us here. We admire so much more than your skating; your dedication, your grace, your sportsmanship, your smile, your desire to always try your best, your family values, your wisdom, your courage, your ability to turn lemons into lemonade!! That's how I got my posting name at this forum!

    Nothing makes us happier here than to see you happy! Keep that smile and the beautiful glow always, knowing that you have truly enriched so many lives and given us all a little more joy in our lives than we would have had without you.


    With love,

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    Thank you Michelle!!! You are awesome!!! We will always be behind you in everything you do. I was so proud of you at the Olympics. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and post here! WOW!!! What a great night this has been!

    Good luck at Nationals!!! The SP is awesome!!!

    STEVIE!!! The Wings need you!!!

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    Thank you Michelle for posting, for making our day brighter than ever, for skating your heart out in every competition, for this 6.0 worthy SP, for your tenacity and warmth..just THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    Default I am so thrilled!!!


    You are the absolute best ever!

    Your two new programs this year are amazing and I just am stunned at the beauty and grace of your skating everytime I watch you on the ice.

    Good luck at this years Nationals!

    You have and always will be my favorite!

    Love always,

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    Default Re: Yay!

    Wow, what to say. I too was waiting for confirmation, but now that I have it...well I'm speechless, or well...typeless (I don't think that is a word...but oh well lol).

    I have had possibly the worst day, and well this just made my day. Perhaps this won't be the worst day of my life anymore.

    Michelle, I have no idea what to say. Your spirit, love of skating, attitude, smile, soul, know, they are all things that have drawn me to figure skating and to just love watching you. You are a legend!

    Over the summer I work with kids at the park. I am a Park ground leader. We take the kids on feild trips and since I love skating, I wanted to share this love with the kids. After our trip to the local rink, they kept begging to go back, and took to calling me Michelle Kwan. I was so touched that they would even consider to call me the name of such a legend, such a wonderful person.

    I just wanted to say Thank you for inspiring me to not only figure skate, but to live my life to the fullest, and to be happy and know that what ever happens happens as long as I put my full effort into it, that is what matters. Thank you for everything Michelle! You are the Greatest!


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    kwaniac Guest

    Default How did I know it was really HER?

    Let's say just how perfect a day it was:
    1) MK herself posts(how sweet it is!)I hope there will be more posts.
    2) We finally get to see what the nit-wits at ABC wouldn't show us! Perserverance and patience always pays off!
    3) I too vote for December 5 as Michelle Kwan Day.

    How did I know it was Michelle this time and not the others... My mother tought me to trust my heart and first gut instinct. Thankyou Michelle, you are as always the BEST!!! Fly home safely from China and have a GREAT Christmas. Bless you from all of us here at MKF!!!

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    Default Re: Yay!

    I'm Speechless.

    Thank you so much for visiting. LOL

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    lanlie Guest

    Default Re: Thank You Michelle!

    Someone fudgin slap me! aaahhh!!! overload, overload, first the sp now this? *hyperventilates*

    I wish I could show my siggie pic for Michelle, it's so purty

    P.S. If you haven't guess, I lurve you and I hope you Kick some @ss cheeks at Nationals

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    PJ Guest

    Default What a day!!!

    I came home all worn out from a very long day and what do I find.......Michelle's SP and then Michelle herself!!! Talk about a BIG lift! Thanks a million to all of you who make this such a wonderful place....and especially to Michelle for giving us so much joy and love!

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    amandadupre Guest


    Wow I can't believe you posted here Michelle!! Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have brought us through the years. Thanks for being such a great role model to all of us. Good luck for the rest of the season! Your new short program is awesome!! Thanks for being such a great inspiration for us!

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    YA!! i stuck my head out and guessed u're really michelle, and we are so happy that we're rite. only the real michelle can sound so natural and down to earth!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! u won't know how much your msg means to us ^^* (it's a kiss )

    i suppose u were still in HK and u were going to a gym?!? wow! are u still keeping up with ur training even when on a promotional tour? hope u had lotz of fun and good food in HK. great to know the ring fits u. isn't it scary how ur fans know so much bout u? heehee

    yeah don't heather and jenny do an unbelievable job in maintaining the forum? if some mean person is giving u a hard time, just type MKF a msg and we'll "deal" with it in not time!! heehee

    lemme stop now before i start rambling and gushing... i'll leave that when i write to u... do stop by anytime u want~~

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    Blog Entries


    FlashOBlue - Here's the link to the gift that vox was so generous to say was from all of us. Aren't MKFans the best?!

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    Default Re: What a day!!!

    I am amazed and in total shock! To even be on the same THREAD with MK has made my day, my month, my life....

    We love and adore you SO much!!!

    Happy holidays to you and your family. Be well!

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    Kwanism Guest

    Default Michelle is a Goddess!

    Michelle, you rule the world. You are the greatest athlete and role model of all time. I am just so glad that I was lucky enough to be living in the time when you are here so that I can experience your greatness firsthand. Good luck on whatever you choose to do in the future. Can't wait to see you at nationals, GPF, and Worlds. Kwan conquers all!

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    voxdeae Guest

    Default Re: wow!

    This is just too cool for words!!! I can't believe it!

    I wish she told us when she was leaving HK so we could have gotten together a good farewell crowd, but I guess Michelle knows that all of us in HK love her!!!

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    Kwanfest Guest

    Default Wowwww

    I going to post my thoughts later, after I am done throwing out. I felt Michelle Kwan finally won that Olympic Gold Medal. Wow what a feeling. Like her short "The Feeling Begins", Ahh so much meaning , so much emotions, where to begin......
    All I can say thank you God for my family, my love ones, my friends, and Michelle Kwan.

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    Default Re: Thank You Michelle!


    It's really you, Michelle!!! What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for taking the time. I hope you are enjoying Hong Kong with your family.

    And you are absolutely correct. You have bumped into most of us somewhere along the way. I was at 5 of your glorious Champions on Ice performances this past summer plus the 2001 Skating Tribute, the 2002 Nationals, and the 2002 Olympic LP and the incomparable 2002 Olympic Exhibition.

    I was lucky enough to get to see you skate to "Fields of Gold" 8 times and I could have watched all 93 performances in all 85 cities if I could have managed it somehow. Unfortunately, I have to keep my day job so that was out of the question.

    Since I was so totally lame at expressing my gratitude when you were kind enough to give me your autograph backstage at this year's Champions on Ice in Las Vegas, I am re-posting here something I wrote in another thread.

    Below is what I really meant when all I said was, "Thanks, Michelle...."

    After reading Mano’s account of how “tongue tied” she was when she met Michelle at Toys R Us in NYC, I was reminded of my own “Kwanstruckness” backstage at the Champions on Ice it Las Vegas. Not that I am a big fan or anything, but that was my 8th viewing of “Fields of Gold.”

    As someone who has posted volumes of gushing about Michelle myself, I understand how you can totally freeze when you are faced with the dilemma of how to condense all of your feelings into a few words in a few seconds.. I failed miserably at the COI in Las Vegas when I stood there getting Michelle's autograph.

    All I could eek out was, "Thanks, Michelle."

    Now, I am sure she walked away thinking I was just being polite. But my THANKS, MICHELLE, was loaded with so much more meaning than that. I could kick myself for being so inarticulate.

    What “THANKS, MICHELLE” from Ginny really means is:

    ”Thanks, Michelle,” for skating so wonderfully that you made me feel as if I were skating too. This inspired me to take up figure skating at the age of 49. I have skated on and off since then and am once again taking lessons and finally feel as if I have my legs under me. My new instructor was teaching me how to do a 3-turn last week. This is something that was a no-brainer when I roller skated at the age of 13. So I am loving this right now and getting lots of great exercise at the age of 52 years young.....

    ”Thanks, Michelle,” also means, thanks for one of the best weeks of my life from Jan 6, 2002 through Jan. 12, 2002 when you won your 6th National Title. The entire week was a religious experience for me.

    The practices alone were priceless. I started the week with a very bad cold and was practically cured by your Short Program practice, where you warmed up by skating your Long Program with no music. Then you immediately followed that with a flawless practice of your Rachmaninov SP, that was as great as your performance in the competition.

    Then of course, you had your wonderful Scheherazade Long Program performance, where the audience was on its feet roaring 10 seconds before you finished.

    ”Thanks, Michelle, also means, thanks for your courageous performance during the Olympic 2002 Long Program and for not giving up. I was there, as the result of a last minute decision to go. Thanks for having the grace to be so respectful to your competitors and not "whine" about the results.

    ”Thanks, Michelle,” also means, thanks for the most incredible Exhibition skate in the history of the sport with your "Fields of Gold" performance the next night at the Olympic 2002 Exhibition. Had you not skated off the ice, I think the audience would still be there cheering you…..

    ”Thanks, Michelle,” also means, thanks for still being here and competing again this season. What a wonderful and unexpected gift to your fans.

    I could go on and on.

    Finally, “Thanks, Michelle" also means, thank you for giving back so much to your fans at Toys R Us in NYC. Thanks, for taking the time to acknowledge them, to look them in the eye, for listening to them and laughing with them, and for appreciating all of these beautiful souls who are your fans and also those who frequently visit the Michelle Kwan Forum.

    These individuals are indeed a beautiful reflection of the incredible person that you always have been, and still are!

    Cheers & A Big Hug,

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    Thank you MK for making my day! It's been such a blah day what with finals coming up and all that stress that comes with it.
    What a wonderful surprise! I also wanted to thank you for being such a great role model for many of us MKFer's.

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    Default YAY!!!!

    Thanks Michelle for giving us so many wonderful programs all these years. You show your love and devotion to the sport in your skating. And the way you handle ups & downs with great class and integrity make you the best role model for teenagers and athletes.

    Fellow MKFs - This is just so cool!!!!!

    Get to see the highly anticipated short program and it lives up to my expectation and to top it off, a message from Michelle....

    I am just so thrilled now....

    Thanks Heather for confirming.

    MKF rocks and MK rules!!!

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    Default Re: Michelle is a Goddess!

    Oh my God!!!
    Michelle I just want you to know that I love you and that I feel so proud of you and also that in Mexico you have tons of fans as well!

    !!!!!YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just saw your new short and God it absolutely gorgeous!!!
    We'll be always supporting you!!!


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    LAxel Guest

    Default MK!!!

    Thanks for all that you've given us!!! Your DAD is just as COOL as you are. We LOVE you and we are praying for you. MORE POWER!!!!

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    Yankees Suck 01 Guest

    Default Re: Yay!

    Well I waited to have my say till I knew it was Michelle so here it goes.

    "KWAN 2006"

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    mkrules Guest

    Default I Love You Michelle!!!

    I saw you when you made you made an appearance at California Adventures last summer and you made my day. I'm the one who asked you about the coach. You really made me happy when you mailed me an autographed picture of yourself doing a spiral. You an inspiration to many. I'm so very proud of you.

    I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful athlete, but most importantly for being such a gracious person. That is what makes you so enduring. You have made a fan out of me for life.

    I wish you much happiness. Please know that you have many fans that are behind and support you.

    Your appreciative fan,

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    a clav Guest

    Default YAY

    WOW!!! Thanks so much for posting her Michelle. I've been one of your biggest fans since the day I started watching figure skating!! I'm just soo happy and totally ecstatic that you'd post here!!! And I got to see your new sp that is WONDERFUL!!! I'm just so glad because after a horrible day of straight testing for class placements for next year for 6 LONG BORING HOURS, I come to the forum and Michelle posted AND I got to see "The Feeling Begins"!! I'm just sooo happy and I just can't believe that she posted!!!

    OK I'll jsut stop rambling now...

    Thank you soo much Michelle you just made my day!!!


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    corazon Guest

    Default Absolutely Fabulous

    Unbelievable, you are my hero! Michelle Kwan is one class act, and that dear friends is hard to follow!


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