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Thread: HI MKF, It's me MK!!

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    Default Re: Yo!

    Michelle thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories that you have given us through the years you are an incredible person, and an awesome role model to people of all ages. I wish you good luck for the rest of the season and can't wait to hopefully get to meet you at COI again this year. You gave my mom and I the memories of a life time last year when we saw you and meet you afterwards at the Ames show.
    Thank you once again you all that you have given to the sport of figure skating.

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    Default wow!

    Wow! Today really IS Michelle Kwan Day!!

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    Default Re: wow!

    Yes, that is Michelle.

    I never know what to say the few times I've met Michelle in person, and I honestly don't know what to say now either!

    Thank you SO much Michelle!!!!!!

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    Default Re: wow!

    I have been waiting for you Heather, oh my gosh! Our girl was here.

    Michelle, thanks for everything.

    You are so beautiful, strong and wonderful.

    You new short is amazing.



    edited to add: here is a thread to archive forever

    Michelle I wanted to add this I had this in a post earlier this week: About how you make me feel

    "That when I watch her skate, she brings a out that little part of me that I keep buried deep, deep down inside that makes me feel beautiful, graceful, young and free again."

    Thank you for that- It is truly a special thing that you do!!!!


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    RED DOG45 Guest

    Default Thanks for the confirmation Heather

    it's great that MK posted here!

  6. Default Re: wow!

    Thanks SO MUCH for posting on this board!!! You've made many people happy!! And THANKS for all of your inspirational skates! I look forward to many more!!

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    nits Guest

    Default Re: Thanks for the confirmation Heather

    I've been waiting for confirmation as well. I had a feeling it was legit, and this is so exciting!
    Goodluck at Nationals Michelle, and I know we'll see you at Worlds!

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    Default Re: wow!

    Thanks for confirming Heather!! Now, what do I say??? AHH HI MICHELLE!!! I met you at Toys R Us Best day of my life. The red headed 13-year-old near the front of the line with her dad. LOL Still have the necklace!! Hope you liked your junior mints. Good luck at Nationals and Worlds. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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    thetoaofben Guest

    Default Whoa, starstruck much

    Thanks Michelle, its nice to know that you care for us too as much as we care for you. Best of luck to you and your family. THANKS FOR POSTING. Its so funny, cause your letter reflects your speech, hehehe.
    Thanks again,

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    bubblebuff7000 Guest

    Default Re: wow!


    Thank you for bringing all the happy tears you've given us, and the beauty that you bring to figure skating.

    Love, David

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    Default re

    Thank you for stopping by. You are my favorite skater of all time!! I admire your talent, work ethic, determination, and that you remain true to yourself!!

    Good luck in all that you do.

    God Bless!

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    aprilrose77 Guest

    Default Re: wow!

    Wow, Michelle it's really you! Thanks for posting and just being you. First we finally get the chance to see the much anticipated "The Feeling Begins" (which totally exceeded such high expectations) and now Michelle posted. It feels like Christmas!

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    Default Yay!


    Thank you so much for...well...being you! We're all so proud of everything you've done.

    - Cathy

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    Default Re: wow!

    Hi Michelle,

    Believe me when I say that your post has been much anticipated at MKF. Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to see you in Dallas! Good luck, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    Today's my birthday and it was turning out to be one of my worst days ever. Then I come here and I see Michelle's post, her awesome new short program, and instead of crying tears of sadness I now can't seem to get the smile off of my face.


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    Default Re: re

    Hi Michelle!

    This is my response to you stopping by: :rollin
    I'm so absolutely thrilled to be honored by your presence! I hope you're having a wonderful time in Hong Kong, and stuffing yourself full of all the delicious food they have over there.

    Your SP has been blowing all of us away - it's been quite a day for all of've made my day much brighter!

    LOL re keeping up about yourself on here!

    A million thanks and more,

    PS. Does it feel weird to see your face all over the place on this board? LOL...okay, I have a whole bunch of weird questions to ask..but you'll probably think I'm nuts.

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    Default Re: Yay!

    Hey Michelle! This just goes to show what a great person you are, I mean, going out of your way to post on a messageboard devoted to you! Not many skaters would do that, but not many skaters are Michelle Kwan

    Have fun Michelle! We hope to see you in good form at Nationals! We'll be there for you, win or lose! I mean, it's just awesome to have you skating this season! Best of luck to you!!!!!

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    Default Re: What do you think of us crazies?!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *jumps up and does happy dance and screams silently* (sure it's possible)

    I had this whole post all ready for Michelle and then everyone here is so subdued waiting for Heather's approval that I didn't even post it! I guess we've been fooled one too many times.

    But from the first line, I just knew it was you. You sound so soft. Thats the best word to explain it. It is you. My heart smiled (I think it smiraled!). It is you. Michelle is here.

    Michelle, the one thing I've ever, EVER wanted to tell you was THANK YOU! For so many things I can't even begin...(is this Ican'tremembermyownname amnesia thing for talking to Michelle via the Internet as well?) Yikes, I know I'll be kicking myself later..."Why didn't I tell Michelle..."

    And now you come here and bless us all with your presence.

    Sweet Michelle, do you know how loved you are? How much happiness you bring? How much pride and JOY our hearts are overflowing with because of wonderful you?!
    Congratulations on everything...and look in the mirror and check out that GLOW!

    See ya at Worlds (here come the tears)...we'll be the sobbing, screaming ones with the "I Believe" signs.

    {{{{{{HUGE MKF HUG}}}}}}

    I think that one MAY have rivaled the one we all shared on February 22

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    lanlie Guest



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    Default Wow!!

    I love you Michelle!!!! You are the best!!!! Wow, my friends are going to hate me tomorrow cuz I am never going to shut up talking about you....

    Good luck at Nationals!!
    Your new short and long programs are wonderful!!

    I can't stop smiling, I'm like a giddy little kid!!!

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    Default Re: Yay!

    Just saying Thank you (!) doesn't seem like enough.
    I think you're the best Michelle.

  21. Default Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

    Today really and truly is
    Thank you, Michelle, for giving us many wonderful programs, sharing so much beautiful skating from your heart, and showing so many times over the years your grace, courage, and goodwill. You are a great example of how to be a true champion in life. Best wishes always!

  22. Default Re: wow!

    I have also been waiting for confirmation from Heather.

    Oh my!!!! Michelle, THANK YOU! You give us all so much joy. Thanks for taking the time to post here, thanks for being such a wonderful young lady and role model, and thanks for allowing us to tag along on your amazing journey.

    WE are the ones who will treasure all the memories you have given us.

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

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    Swansie Guest

    Default HI MKF, It's me MK!!

    WOW, I'm totally kwanstruck now! Don't know what to say at all! Well, Welcome to the forum, Michelle!
    We extremely proud of you and we love you!!!

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    Default Re: wow!

    *catches lanlie*


    Now we all sing...Dante's Prayer, or Fields of Gold or Mulan...take your pick! Let's all hum East of Eden.

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    Default Gold ring?

    What was the gold ring from Gucci? Sorry, but I've not heard of that. Was it a gift from the forum? When? I thought that the last gift we gave Michelle was the ruby earrings.


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