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Thread: A little gift from Michelle to the forum

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    Thanks Heather,
    I have put the picture in my Michelle folder so that I can enjoy it whenever I need a lift. I also can't wait to see all the other pictures and video.

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    wingheartsong Guest

    Default Re: awwww

    What a GREAT photo!! Thanks sooo much Heather for this and all the fantastic things the forum does!!! The hard work, generosity,talent, and dedication that you and all those involved demonstrate is an inspiration and wonderful reflection of the very one we all love so much- :LB Michelle Rachs! :b :b :b :b :b Wingheartsong

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    Such a sweet gift. Thanks Heather and thanks Michelle. You both ROCK!

  4. Default Re: awwww

    Well I have to admit, Michelle is right...we do pretty much rock...

    Thanks for sharing this, Heather!

  5. Default More on the picture

    Yes, Michelle was totally sweet in signing the picture!! Heather first showed her the picture and she was like "Ahhhh" and was taking her time looking through the pictures that Heather had. Heather then explained them to Michelle, and Michelle gladly signed them. It was kind of cute, because at first, it was hard for her to write, so I put out my COI book for her to write on. And she went above and beyond what Heather had hoped afterwards, we were again INCREDIBLY touched my Michelle's generousity and graciousness!!!

    I also have pictures of the three phases of how she came about signing the picture.......when she was looking at it, Heather explaining it and then, of course, Michelle signing the picture!

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    Michelle rocks too!!!!!! We wouldn't rock if it weren't for Michelle, because then they're wouldn't be a MKF, so Michelle rocks too!!! Thanks Michelle, and thank you Heather for scanning the pic!

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    Default Re: More on the picture

    Heather, Thank you, thank you!

    Colleen, I love the picture and am looking forward to your detailed report!

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    Carrie50 Guest

    Default Re: More on the picture

    How sweet Michelle is to her fans, thank you Heather. I am saving it in my picture files. Cole, can't wait for you to share your pics and report...

    Michelle and MKF -

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    Default Re: More on the picture

    Thank you Heather. Wonderful picture . The autograph, with a message from her is just the greatest touch. Michelle is the gift that keeps on giving and giving. What a wonderful year this has been.

  10. Default MK it takes a Rach to know what Rocks!

    Michelle, that was soooo beautiful!!!!

    Thank you so very much! And my God bless you always

    Love Always


    aka dramaqueenjc

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    Default Re: More on the picture

    AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! I LOVE MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah I know we ALL do, but I just wanted to emphasize it yet again!! ) Oh she's so sweet! And Heather, Heather, Heather - thank you soooooo much for thinking of us and posting this for all of us to see!!!!

    Skatingfan2002 and Valerie - ITA!!! We should tell the KWeen that we have re-invented the spelling of the word "rock" in her favor!!! I bet she would find it hilarious that we now use RACH on this board rather than ROCK hahaha!!

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    Default Omg that is so awesome

    What a wonderful picture, signed by a wonderful person, to a wonderful bunch of people here at MKF!

    Thanks a million for scanning it Heather!
    Ps. I still stick with Phillies for first in NL East hehe

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    Thanks for scanning the picture Heather! It is fantastic! I love it!!!

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    Default Re: Omg that is so awesome

    This is a great picture! Thank you Michelle and Heather! Can't wait to read your report!
    MK s! and the MKF s!

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    Default Re: Omg that is so awesome

    Thank you Heather!!! It will be my wallpaper for weeks to come!!!


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    Default Re: Omg that is so awesome

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Heather! I have been all excited this week because tomorrow we see the ABC Spring Invitational, and this surely gets me even more in the mood! It was so sweet of Michelle to do that!

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    OMGosh!!! I am speechless!!! I have tears in my eyes b/c I am so happy

    Heather thank you for sharing this with us. You are awesome!!!!

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    Heather and Michelle, you both Rach!

    Heather, you need to sticky this topic so it stays at the top!

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    Oh my gosh!!

    Holy Button, thats so beautiful! That was so the perfect picture for her to sign, Heather, it's beautiful.

    Thank you so SO much! And, as always, thank you MICHELLE!

    at Kwadruple "Yea, we all do pretty much rock!"

    The Gift Season RACHS ON!

    *goes back to studying for finals with a HUGE grin on her face*

    :rollin Man, life is great!

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    Very nice! Thanks!!

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    Thanks for the great picture!

    Erin, I loved "holy Button"!! Somehow I"m going to have to fit that into a conversation (hopefully with a skating fan).

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    Sunnyskate Guest


    Holy Button is cute ...My fav is Holy Salchow :b

    What a wonderful gift from Michelle! You Rach too Michelle!!! (Wouldn't it be great if we could get her to spell it Rach? )

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    jacki Guest


    That is so sweet! Michelle is the greatest and so is the MKF!

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    That's so cool! LOL, at first when I saw the word rock, it didn't look right, and I realized that I'm too used to seeing it spelled rach here!

    Thanks for sharing it with us Heather....are you trying to give us little tidbits so we don't go mad waiting for the website to be ready??


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