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Thread: A little gift from Michelle to the forum

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    Default A little gift from Michelle to the forum

    Yes, I still have to finish my report of the presentation, but I wanted to post this. When we went backstage after the show, I brought one of my pictures that I took at Worlds. I asked her if she could sign it to MKF. She, of course, was happy to. In fact, she went over and beyond what I asked. I scanned it in for you guys. Check it out:

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    I love it...I love it...I love it

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    AngelHeart1990 Guest

    Default That is so sweet of her!!

    Heather, Thanks for showing us that picture!! That was very sweet of Michelle to do that I love it also!

    PS. Heather I can't wait to see the other pictures from the special night. Oh I also can't wait to see your report of the night.

    Shannon :SP

    Keeper of :YS Michelle's Tears and Smile after her 2002 Olympic Exhibition program to "Fields of Gold"

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    NicoleM Guest


    Aww that's awesome! Thanks Heather! And thanks Michelle! YOU guys rock!

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    hehe...that's great....!! thank you so much heather!!

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    Cjustice1 Guest


    Thank you for sharing Heather! YOU Rock!

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    TurnHome Guest

    Default OMG!

    OMG! I lurrrrrrrrrve it! Michelle is such a *kwanderful* person!

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    Default Re: OMG!


    Michelle, you rock too! Or should I say Rach?

    Thanks, Heather!!!

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    Default Re: OMG!


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    MKizAnAnGel Guest

    Default Awesome!

    That's SOOOO Incredibly awesome! Great pic too Heather! looks professional! Michelle's simply the best!
    Can't wait to read the reports and see more pics!!


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    Jun 2001

    Default Re: Awesome!

    That is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing it Heather. MKF really Rachs!!!!!! Btw, we need to tell her that it's not "rock" but Rach. LOL Looooveeee itt!!!!

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    Default Re: Awesome!

    Omg, I love it! Wow, Michelle is absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much Heather for posting the picture and I look foward to reading the reports, viewing the other pictures and watching the video!

    Thanks Michelle!



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    Default What an angel

    Ah, great picture.

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    CartDi Guest

    Default Re: What an angel

    And you chose a great pic for her to sign, Heather.

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: What an angel

    That is very sweet thanks for posting the pic Heather

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    fanforever Guest

    Default Re: What an angel

    I love the awesome picture! Thanks for sharing it. *saves picture*

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    blondeanglskater Guest

    Default Re: What an angel

    wow Michelle is so nice for doing that!!! thanks for scanning it Heather!!

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    Default Re: What an angel

    that is so awesome!! Thanks so much Heather!!

    Michelle Rachs!!!

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    That's beautiful! And what a sweet message from Michelle! Michelle, you Rach too - we love you!!

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    Default Re: What an angel

    No surprise she has so many fans!! That pictures is fabulous!!!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default awwww

    Thanks! (hey, someone needs to teach Michelle how to spell "rach" ) :p

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    Thank you so much Heather! That's awesome! :LB

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    Thanks Heather. Great picture!!!!!

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    Default Re: awwww

    THANK YOU!!!! A huge thanks to Heather and Michelle!!! What a wonderful gift! It's definitely going in my scrapbook!

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    lottafs Guest

    Default Re: awwww

    Oooohhhh niiiiiiceeee!!!! I LURVE her handwriting!!!


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