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Thread: HI MKF it's MK again!!

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    Oct 2002

    Default YESSS!!!!!

    So glad that you stopped by again to say hi!!! We love it!!! I am glad that you were touched to get the medal and check for CMN- it was OUR pleasure!! Talk to you soon!!

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    FigureSkater4Eva2007 Guest


    Hey Michelle!!
    Last night I had the coolest dream, I had a dream that you, Sasha Cohen, and Sarah Hughes were at my favorite ice arena in Maine, and you three were skating there, and I came, and I skated for a while with you all, then I remembered that I was in an exhibition there (I was) and we had to wear these Gold sashes in the group routine, and you had your Fields Of GOld costume on, and I thought that you should have the sash for the Olympic Exhibition where you did your Fields Of Gold one, and you didn't want to take it from me because it had a lot of memories of the rink to it, But you borrowed it for that routine and then yuo signed it and gave it back to me!! that was my favorite dream I've ever had! I really wish it was true! :FBO :YS You are my idol! I wish I could meet you in person! That would be the best day ever! You're the best!!
    ps. when do u think you'll be coming down to Florida anytime soon?? if so, when???????????

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    hielo Guest

    Default Re: YESSS!!!!!

    hi Michelle! I'm new here but I think it is so cool that you post on these boards. You are a total inspriation, I hope to meet you some day.

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    Default :o)

    Hi! I just r

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    BetsyM Guest

    Default China's Orphans

    Dear Michelle,

    I was trying to get Paul Wiley to contact you, but Mark Konopacke said that he was not with Disney anymore and was on a long vacation this summer. So I am trying this... I am co-chair of our local Families with Children from China (FCC) group's charity committee. We raise money for the children left behind in the orphanages in China. There are hundred's of thousands of these beautiful children that need help either with surgery, education or just basic needs such as food, medicine and nannies to love them. There are orphanages that house up to 150 infants sleeping two in a crib. There are so many that desparately need our help.
    I was wondering if you could help us raise money by appearing in the Milwaukee area. Perhaps for an autograph/picture session or a short performance or even a skating clinic. There are so many Chinese-American girls here that look up to you and would love to meet you or see you perform. I know you are probably bombarded with requests such as this everyday and are short on time, but it would be so wonderful if you would consider helping us in some way.
    You can reach me at or by phone 262-695-4491 (Milwaukee, WI).
    If you are interested, I can send you more information on the orphanages and our organization.
    Thank you,
    Betsy Martell
    P.S. I am also a fan of yours and would be just as excited as the girls to meet you. You are such an inspiration to young women everywhere.

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    Mar 2000
    The O.C.

    Default Re: China's Orphans

    Betsy, you would probably be better off contacting Michelle through her agent, Shep Goldberg of Proper Marketing Associates, 44450 Pinetree Dr. Suite 103, Plymouth, MI 48170

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    joepanzner Guest

    Default Re: Hi

    The most wonderful thing of all in the world of figure skating is that even the legends of figure skating look up to Michelle Kwan because she can dig deep inside our hearts and take away our sorrows by her MAGICAL skating. Michelle Kwan is figure skating's blessing coz without her, it is so boring.

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    Fendi4Kwan Guest

    Default Re: Fendi Girl?

    Hello, Michelle W. Kwan...I hope you will get a chance to check this message...if not, then I would feel really bad...If you are reading this, I just want to say "Thank you" for taking the time to autographed your name on the yellow Fendi envelope...I was just about to leave the store and to my honor and privileged I was able to meet you in person...That was really an amazing experience to be able to meet you so close in person...though I've seen you numerous times in competition and on T.V...Oh...and I hope I wasn't being intrusive by conversing with you there for awhile...I really am not the type that goes up to a celebrity and starts bothering unless he/she was my idle...But, anyways, were you able to find something you like at Fendi? If not, Gucci's got some cute stuff there, too...Well, I don't want to take up too much of your time...I live in San Diego, so if you happen to be around the area...and in the mood for Chinese food (and I know you must like Chinese food, cuz your parents own a restaurant)...come see me and I guess it wouldn't be a problem if I pick up your tab since I work there...just as a thank you favor in return for taking the time out to autographed for me...

    The best of luck and wishes for the coming New Year...
    May all your dreams and aspirations you have dedicated yourself in achieving becomes your reality...
    I say this to you in Chinese for the upcoming New Year...
    "Cung Hee Fat Choi"


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    kurtbrownig Guest

    Default Re: Hi

    Hey michelle!

    We love you here at the forum! I hope you drop by again!:


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