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Thread: HI MKF it's MK again!!

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    HappyMKfan Guest


    Omigosh!!! I just wanted to tell you what a great skater you are (as if you didn't know that!!) and that you are CRAZY GOOD! My whole family loves watching you skate and my friend and i go crazy everytime you skate! We really wanted to watch you skate COI and we promised ourselves that we would go some day! :SS

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    :SAL Hello, Michelle, I am so very proud to be a member of the MKF, I too have watched since you were but a tiny little 12 year old. I am glad that you like the medal and scrap book, and, believe me, it is an honor for each of us to have been a small part in those and the check ! you have given us all so very many beautiful memories through out the years and you deserve every good and wonderfuly thing that comes your way ! I just hope that you do plan to stay with us for many many more years through specials, Nationals, worlds, and yes, 2006 olys !:| :LB :YS :

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    Hi Michelle!!! Thanks for posting again. Only two more and you won't be a newbie anymore! I looked at your public profile, and it's totally too cute!

    First Name:: private
    Last Name:: private
    Age:: private

    It's not like we don't know who you are!!! Ginny Smith was nice enough to bring each of us one of your hugs from the presentation. WOW!!! I'm glad you liked the gifts to you and CMN. It was a great chance for us to demonstrate our love for you, and support a great charity at the same time! Hope you can enjoy a little free time now, but don't be sitting on the couch eating potato chips all summer!!! :p I know you have lots to think about, but take your time, and be sure to do what will make you happy. Thanks again for writing to us. You're a Total Doll and a Sweetheart too!!!


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    Hi Michelle!

    It's so good to hear from you! You were awesome in COI Seattle! I hope we will see your Fallin' program on TV sometime next fall. Have a great summer!!!!


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    Default re: HI MKF it's MK again!!

    Thanks Michelle for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post your kind words for your fans here. I came to the MKF a bit too late to contribute to the Medal and CMN fund, but if I had joined in time, I would have been honored to do so. You are a classy lady, and your sense of sportsmanship is impeccable.

    Being one of your older fans, having followed your career since 1993, IMHO you are the finest American Lady Figure Skater ever. Peggy Flemming spoke for all your fans when following your free skate at Worlds, she exclaimed emphatically, "She is an incredible athlete!" You really are, and the joy you experience everytime you skate, your face emotes to all of us, and we then get to share this joy through you. To me, this is what sets you apart from all the other skaters in the world.

    Congratulations on another spectacular season on the ice, and all the best to you in all you seek to accomplish in the future.

    Unconditional love and respect from this fan for life.... I am,

    Visalia, CA (Visaliakid)

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    Thanks so much for posting, Michelle! Glad you liked the Atlanta surprise. You are always so generous with us; you inspired us to try to be like that too, sharing a bit of ourselves with you and some of our resources with others. You bring out the best in us!

    This has been such a wonderful year! You seemed to be enjoying every moment, and so did we. Now enjoy a well-deserved rest this summer!
    Sonna (one of the NY group at The View)

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    lottafs Guest


    Hey Michelle. Great to hear from you again!!!! But sorry, I'm cheering for the Devils at Stanley Cup!!!!!!!!!!!! :b Love ya anywayz!!!

  8. Default yay

    thanks so much for posting for us again michelle!!

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    Bebe25 Guest


    Hi Michelle!
    Thanks for posting again. You cannot hear this enough but, "Congratulations and Thank You" for a wonderful season and the memories you've created. Thanks for being so great to your fans! Come back soon and post. LOL


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    blueskylight Guest

    Default Re: yay

    Hi! Michelle It's great to see you post again. I hope you had fun in the Stanley Cup Finals Game 4. I saw you on TV by the way. I hope you will have a nice vacation and see you compete in the next season!

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    Sk8nangel21 Guest


    Hey Michelle,
    I just wanted to say I think it's so cool that you take time out of your busy schedule to write all of your fans little messages. That is so sweet. You are a great role model.
    Love, Kara:LD

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    Default Re: yay

    hey michelle!!! i enjoyed watching u this season!! u did a great job at nationals and worlds! hope u had fun on the tour.i tried to get tickets to the jersey show, but they were sold out. and ohh yeah, i dont know if u remember...but u signed my xanga's chatterbox!! `=D [even if u dont remember, thanks fer signing!] i hope have fun this summer, relax, and rest up for next season. [no matter what ur gna do!] and ohh yeah!!! happy birthday in advance!!`=D

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    Wow! How great it is to sign on and get a message from you!

    Congrats on the amazing season and GO DUCKS!!!


  14. Default Thank You MK

    I'm so very touched that you chose to stop by once again.

    Thank you for giving us all such a KWANDERFUL season.

    Not to put any pressure on you regarding nationals , but like you said, "Eight would be nice too."

    Looking forward to the unveiling of your plans. :FBO

    Thanks again for using the gifts God has given you on the ice so very beautifully.

    Love Always,


    aka dramaqueenjc

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    PatchogueNY Guest


    I'm so glad you liked the scrapbook, medal and the CMN contribution. I was proud to be a small part of a group of great people who beleive in you, many of whom you've met. Thank you so much for recognizing and appreciating them. Thanks again for the joy your skating has always brought to me AND, this year, to you as well. This season was special. You got your twinkle back, you followed your heart. You'll know what's right for you, just as you did this year. What ever you do, our heart and hopes follow. Enjoy the off season. Don't stay away too long. 'Cause eight would be nice...

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    Jun 2001
    New York,NY where girls just want to have fun


    How wonderful that you decided to write to us again. We appreciate and look forward to your posts. We hope that the check to CMN and the medal give you some clue as to how much you are treasured by your fans. We can't thank you enough for all of the wonderful years of skating you've given us. And I think that 2002-2003 has been the most gratifying and the "sweetest" from beginning to end. Thank you for The Decade of Brilliance you've given to the world. You are truly extraordinary in every sense of the word.

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    michellekwansfan Guest


    Hi Michelle --

    Thank you so much for writing to us again -- it's so great to hear from you!!! Have a WONDERFUL break -- you totally deserve it -- and take care of yourself! No matter what you decide, you have a forum full of fans who love and support you whatever you do and wherever you go! Congratulations on an AWESOME season!!!

    :SAL :SC :SS :JP :LD :SP :YS :FBO :LB

    -- michellekwansfan

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    mightykwanduck Guest

    Default Re: Hi

    Hey Michelle,
    I saw you at Anaheim for COI and for the Ducks in game 4. You were awsome in your Ducks jersey and what a goal that was. You are so awsome. You are the greatest skater in the world. Take care.
    P.S. Go Ducks

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    fskaterchick Guest


    it is soo great to hear from you again! Please post again soon! You are my absolute favorite skater! I cannot wait until next season to watch you more! Until then I will make myself content by watching tapes of you skating! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    FigureSkater4Eva2007 Guest

    Default Re: Hi

    :SP :JP :LB Dear Michelle,
    You are my inspiration, Thanks to you, I started a career that I have loved from the moment I ever stepped on ice! I dont know how to say it, because I don't know any way else I can say it but you are #1! Your hard work, your passion for the sport, your attitude torward everything, has definitely paid off big time!:SC You are the best! Don't ever forget it! Do u know of anytime you are going to skate in Florida again??? If so where??? I love your skating Thanks for being such an awesome skater! ~Samantha:SP

  21. Default Hey Michelle!

    Glad you liked the medal and charity donation! Have a great break, you deserve it Looking forward to seeing you skate next year in whatever capacity that may be.

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    The Real Tweety Guest

    Default Re: Hi

    Hello Michelle,

    Thank you for posting again. Good luck on this coming season, whatever you plan to do.

    Sorry the Ducks didn't win. I was rooting for them too. But Go Ruben!

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    KwanSong Guest

    Default Re: Hey Michelle!

    So great to hear from you!! Have a great break!! Take your time and make the decision that is best for you. We love you!!!

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    skt8mum Guest

    Default Re: Hi

    Michelle - you are such a class act and an inspiration to all of us!

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    Dec 2002


    Great to see your posts! You know we love you. Enjoy your break, and we hope (selfishly) to see you compete again.
    We wish you luck though, in any route you take!


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