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Thread: HI MKF it's MK again!!

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    caleb22 Guest

    Default Thank You

    Thank you so much for continuing to skate this season. It was great to see you skate so well at the Nationals and Worlds. Congratulations on winning your 7th national title and 5th world title. Wish you all the best.

  2. Default Thanks Michelle

    Thanks Michelle for your post. You skated great last season and whatever decision you decide, I'm sure it will be the best one.

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    Nov 2005
    Raleigh North Carolina

    Default Re: Yeah, Michelle!


    It is so nice to hear from you. Congratulations on a wonderful
    unforgettable season!!!!!! I loved seeing you skate with such
    joy and abandon, my heart swelled with pride every time you
    took the ice.
    I am so glad you like the medal and the scrapbook. I had so
    much fun doing all of my pages. I made my personal page,
    and three others.
    Most of all your reaction to the check to CMN was priceless.
    As you know after reading my letter, this part of the project
    holds such a special meaning for me because of my precious
    Tarynn, who is a CMN kid, and a true living miracle and inspiration. I am so proud of you to be a part of this wonderful
    organization, and I am proud to be a part of this forum where
    there are such incredible people who gave so much to CMN.
    I forgot to add in my letter that on March 27 we celebrated
    Tarynn's "heart day" with a heart shaped cake and a donation
    to Schneider Children's Hospital, the CMN hospital where
    Tarynn had her surgery.
    I hope someday that Tarynn and I can meet you to personally
    say "thank you".
    Have a wonderful vacation sweetie, you deserve it. You will
    be in my thoughts and prayers. I am proud of you, and behind
    whatever decisions you have about skating in the future.
    Keep dreaming and believing.

    Laura and Tarynn

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    Nov 2005
    California (15 mins. from Michelle) =)

    Default Thanks Michelle

    Hi Michelle!
    Thanks for posting. We've been greatly anticipating this!!! Wow! You posted fast after the show. So are you back home now? Anyways, I've never met you, but I hope I will someday. But, getting to the point, a BIG congrats on your very successful season. You are a great inspiration and role model. We all love you. You are the best! Have a great time off. And even though we all would love to see you compete next year, we're behind whatever decision you make. Take care, and if you have anymore free're always welcome to post here!!! Love ya lotz! and God Bless. I'm praying for you. Janelle
    P.S. We have some family friends that met you in Boston Nationals a few years ago in an elevator. Do you remember?
    P.P.S. Go Ducks!!! (and Lakers for next season! I'm a BIG Lakers fan too! )
    :LB :SP :FBO :YS :SAL

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    Jan 2001
    Northern California

    Default MICHELLE <3

    It is sooo wonderful to hear from you!! I know you must be extremely busy with the tour and all, but I want to congratulate you on a wonderful season. You keep inspiring me everytime you hit the ice. You rock. I wish you the bst for the years to come and keep believing in yourself cause we believe in YOU! Love ya lots! :LB :SP

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    Mar 2000
    The O.C.

    Default Re: Thanks Michelle

    This is such a happy day! I'm so glad you posted again. I'm glad that you were surprised and happy about the CMN donation. And I'm glad that I finally got to meet you after having been a huge fan for so long, even if I did get tongue-tied and act like a dork, LOL.

    Thank you for signing my daughter's Giguere 35 T-shirt. And for letting me take your picture. And for the huge smile you gave me when I told you that you looked gorgeous (and I really meant it--you were definitely ready for a night on the town!)

    I hope you had fun at tonight's game and hopefully will have fun at Game 6 Saturday night at the Pond when the Ducks win the Stanley Cup!

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    Great to see you posting here again MK!!!

    This has been a great season for you and the Ducks!!!!! Too bad about the Lakers though......Hope they win next year!

    Congrats again Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Liv2Tell Guest


    Hi Michelle and welcome back to the Forum!

    I gotta say that yesterday turned out to be a very MK-fun filled day for me! I was so excited in the afternoon to finally pick up a copy of the current Blades on Ice issue which features you as the cover story. Then no sooner had I connected to the internet than I spotted on the MKF front page the announcement of your newest post! And finally, later in the evening, there you were looking terrific on national tv, being interviewed during the NHL finals game. What's that saying - all good things come in threes? :p

    Have a great summer and good luck with your decision making!


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    SF Bay Area, California


    Awww! Thank you so much for posting again. It was with great love and caring that this project came into being and fruition. Anytime you get discouraged just look at that medal and know you are loved.


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    BeezerL Guest

    Default LOL!!!

    Hey Michelle!

    Great to hear from you!! Always know that we are behind you no matter what you do BUT...

    this Jersey girl has to say GO DEVILS!!! LOL!!!!

    Thanks for taking us on your incredible journey this was so much fun!


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    Michelle, I'm sure you're not reading this many posts but I have to express my gratitude to you for posting. Enjoy the summer and we look forward to whatever you have planned for next season.
    I LOVE this Place!

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    Hi Michelle,

    It was great seeing you in Denver. We loved the show. I know that whatever decision that you make for next year will be the right decision and of course all of us at the forum are just going to be selfish and hope that is it a decision that we can enjoy and stress over again.

    I also want you to know that I just loved your new programs this year "The Feeling Begins and Aranjuez" were perfect for you but of course you don't need me to tell you that. I don't know if you watched a replay of world but it seems like when you skate they really harp on how wonderful your techinque is. I think you have proven that its not all about jumping that the sport is called Figure Skating for a reason.

    I will be watching for and reading everything I can this summer to keep up with the KWAN. Have a wonderful summer vacation.

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    I was sure that I would have a "surprise" post awaiting reply when I got back from vacation! Thanks so much for everything that you continue to share with us. Have a relaxing and wonderful break.

    I support you - wherever the journey takes you.

    With loving gratitude.


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    Hey Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by! As always, it was such a joy seeing you this season. I honestly can't imagine a season without you, but I will support you in whatever you choose to do!

    Keep up the amazing work, enjoy your summer, and party like a rock star!!

    xoxo sarah

    p.s. hope the reading material we supplied you in atlanta was enough to keep you busy for a while!

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    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for posting again. It is such a thrill to hear from you about the medal and the check.

    Looking forward to your next move!


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    Apr 1999


    Oh so cool that you were able to post again Michelle ! We really really appreciate the time and effort to give all of us yet another gift.

    Count me in as one who was thrilled at your reaction to the check and I am happy we managed to keep it and the medal a surprise. I hope the love and appreciation we have for you shines through the medal and emerges from the scrapbook and gives help to the children of the CMN. As for the presentation being in Atlanta, I have to admit that we would all be thrilled to see you there next year !

    I was backstage at COI in Anaheim, but like imazdi, my sister and I were not with the big MKF group. We were wearing our blue MKF ribbons, but I don't know if you noticed. My sister said I was your #1 fan, but I think that would be your family. I am a *huge* fan though ! You may remember signing my cast (color is close to aranjuez blue ). I always seem to get tongue tied when I am face to face with you :o . I wanted to say how much I loved your skating and that you lifted my spirits this year when I needed it most. You never cease to amaze me with how many times you have made me cry from one of your performances. I used to think that it would be hard to top the perfection of 1998 Nats, although several have been mighty close, but you did it again with your Fields of Golds at the Olympics and with The Feeling Begins and Aranjuez at Nats and Worlds. I truly believe that you are the finest skater I have ever or will ever see.

    Thanks again for stopping by and posting again. Have a great vacation and summer break. Last, as a fellow Southern Californian - GO DUCKS!!!

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    JillLaQ Guest


    Hi Michelle!

    Congratulations on your winning season! Thank you for the kind words, and enjoy the off season!

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    May 2002
    Oklahoma (or in the case of my town being known for our okra---Okrahoma)

    Default Re: Hi Michelle!!!!

    Hi Michelle!! There are a 1,000 things I want to say but to be completely honest I'm totally speechless!!
    You are the best there is and there is no one like you! You so rock!!!! Congrats on your spectacular season and I hope there are more to come! AH-HO (thats thank you in my Kiowa language) for the great moments you have given us all. I send a 1,000 AH-HO's your way!!!!!

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    pattibear86 Guest

    Default MKF

    I don't post often, but I visit everyday to this wonderful Forum. I hope you realize what wonderful and talented people make up this forum. We all love you so much. I saw you on TV last night at the Duck's game and you looked so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful summer and hope to see you skate at Campbells Classic in NY in October. You are the daughter I never had. You have given me such joy with your wonderful skating. Love from one of your Moms from New Jersey

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    Atlanta, GA

    Default Re: Michelle

    Hey Michelle,

    of course I am trying to give you a hint to be at National in Atlanta in 04' b/c that is where I live and I want to see you skate in a live competition

    Seriously whatever your decision is I will be happy

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    Default MK Post

    Thanks for thinking of us! We love you and hope to see more of your skating in the future!!

  22. Default Hi MKF it's MK again!!

    Hi Michelle- It's always great to hear from you! Spend lots of time on the beach during your vacation- you deserve it!! Best wishes, Alisa

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    May 2003

    Default Re: HI MKF it's MK again!

    Hey Michelle - i'm not sure if you have time to sit down and read all of the posts back to you on here (there are TONS!) but I just wanted to say , like everyone else, that it really means allot to me that you take the time to write on the forum. thanks. also, thank you for yet another magical season. i can't wait till COI comes back to Salt Lake City so i can see you there again. this year was amazing, and wonderful, and beautiful, and, well, perfect. thanks again. as for next year, honestly i would really like to see you continue your magic (for a long time), but like others have already said, we're ALL behind you 100% forever. hope to see a post from you soon. love to you and God bless - Tara, Park City,UT


    Isaiah 40:31 - ......they shall mount up with wings as eagles....

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    Cjustice1 Guest

    Default Re: Hi MKF it's MK again!!

    Thank you Michelle for the wonderful season!

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    Apr 1999
    Falls Church, VA (Near Washington, DC)


    Michelle, it is such a pleasure to hear from you again. I had the pleasure of seeing you four times here in Washington this year - the three rounds of Worlds and then COI a few weeks later.

    Whatever you decide to do in the coming year and beyond, let it be from your head and your heart combined.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


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