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Thread: HI MKF it's MK again!!

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    TurnHome Guest


    hey Michelle!!!!

    thanks for posting again! can we discuss how adorable you are??? please keep posting more often at the forum because we love to hear from you!

    P.S. you are a goddess! :SP

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    Michelle: Great to see you post! Thanks for the awesome season. I was in DC to see you work your magic and it was breathtaking! Have a great summer! I am glad you like the medal and scrapbook. You will have plenty of reading for the summer!

    Take care and GO DUCKS! The game Saturday night was awesome! Are you going tonight??

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    Hi Michelle! I'm so glad you liked the medal, scrapbook, and the check to CMN. I hope you enjoy your break from the tour, and make whatever decision is right for you about next season.

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    Awww Michelle,

    It's so great to see you post again. Thanks for taking time to post here, we all love hearing from you. The scrapbook/medal and donation to CMN was such a fun, fulfilling project to be a small part of. Thanks MKF!

    We are so happy about your wonderful, joyful season and I feel especially fortunate because I was at Nationals (the one with the 'Always Believe Michelle' sign) and I saw COI twice. Thank you for coming over to your fans hanging out at the fence after COI in North Little Rock, AR. You are always so gracious, so giving.

    Have a great vacation with lots of fun and relaxation! Please know that whatever you decide to do next year, whatever you give your time and talents too - we will be there supporting you all the way!

    God Bless,


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    As we say a lot here on the MKF, thanks for sharing, Michelle! Congratulations again on your wonderful season and tour! Enjoy your vacation! My best to you and your family!

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    joyceb Guest


    Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for posting again! Enjoy your time off and have a great summer

    Whatever your decision is for next season, we're supporting you. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and checking airfare to Atlanta!

    Congratulations on a undefeated season - awesome

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    Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by again! It's always a thrill to hear from you. The Forum's gifts to you are just a small token of how much love and support you have throughout the world!

    Thank you for a "Kwanderful" season! Whatever you decide for the next season, I hope you know your fans will support you. You deserve everthing that is good.

    Have a fantastic summer and ~ GO DUCKS! I guess if my Avalanche can't be in the playoffs, the least I can do is cheer for the Ducks!

    Take care and God Bless you! :LB


    Denver, CO

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    SammieJ Guest


    Thanks for posting again Michelle, and thanks for such a wonderful year!

    Have a good vacation, you've certainly earned it.

    One more thing, please don't be too upset when NJ wins the Stanley Cup

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    Thanks for posting on MKF again! It certainly is wonderful to hear from you.

    Alexis and I would like to thank you for taking the time to spend with her in Portland. It's a time she (or me and my family) will NOT forget.

    You are a beautiful, charming young woman and it was very generous of you to give your time to us. Get some rest! Have some fun! You most certainly earned it!

    Know that you will always have a special place in our family's heart!!!!:SAL

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    Good morning Michelle. How gracious of you to post again. So glad you liked the scrapbook and CMN check. They were small tokens of our appreciation for the joy you have given us throughout the years.

    Enjoy your time off and be good to yourself. We will support you wherever your path takes you. Wherever you lead, we will follow (literally). LOL!

    A special thanks for your work with Children's Miracle Network. As a parent of a child whose life was saved at our local children's hospital, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's a truly worthwhile cause.

    Thanks again for posting and getting our week off to a great start!

    "The force of the waves is in their perseverance."
    - Gila Guri

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    Hello Michelle....Thanks for posting again. I'm glad you were touched by the gift from the forum. Thank you for being very nice to your fans. I'm hoping to meet you again in the near future.

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    Carrie50 Guest


    Hi Michelle,

    It's so great to see you post again. What a season you gave to us, priceless! Hope you rest and have a great summer. Whatever decisions you make, I am 100% behind you.

    Proud to be your fan, Carrie

    Oh yes, GO DUCKS!!!!!!

    :SC :SAL :YS :SP :LB

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    Hey, Michelle--

    It's good to hear from you again. Your post is perfect because in a very few words, you have managed to address the really BIG questions we all have been pondering, such as where you are with your decision about next year, and of course the ever important issue of who you'd be rooting for in the Stanley Cup...LOL

    Anyway, I'm glad you appreciated the medal, scrapbook and CMN check. As others have already said, it's a way of us all saying, "Thanks for everything, especially for being so great to your fans." You Rock!

    Cheers and enjoy your break. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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    Enjoy your time off, you certainly deserved it! Thank you for giving us so many wonderful memories this last season. You were really good at COI in Detroit. I loved your program, but missed some when I was trying to take pictures! I hope we can see Fallin' on TV sometime next year as it is a magnificant program. You don't need to rush your decision. I hope you get to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

    And as for cheering for the Ducks . . . well I just don't think I can do that! Maybe next year it will be the Wings and Coyotes in the Western Conference finals!

    Take care and have a ton of fun this summer!


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    Michelle, thanks for posting again. After the wonderful season you gave us you deserve a break. Hope you enjoy the summer and good luck in whatever you plan for next year. You are truly the Best!!!!!

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    Angels Babe 2008 Guest


    WOW!!! Hey! Cool!! Thanks for posting again!!! I can't wait till you post next time!

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    Michelle ~
    I'm so glad you were pleased with the medal and especially the $10,000 for CMN. It was a project that really felt good to be a part of.

    So...the Ducks (lol) what does Brad think of that? :b

    Anywhoo, I'm sure you're VERY ready for a break and some much needed time with your friends, family and Brad. Enjoy your summer, have fun and be safe!

    Take care Michelle!

  18. Default Hi Michelle

    I'm very happy to hear from you again ... because it means so much to us MKF'ers, to me and my family who loves you.

    Also, thank you for the kwanderful and awesome season ... you really RACH!!!

    Enjoy your vacation, the medal and probably will have time to read the scrapbook, . Whatever you decide, we will be always behind you .

    You are too young to retire yet, remember that (ignore the naysayers) ... you have so much to look for in the future ... the love of your family, friends and the MKF'ers will always be with you :LD .

    Lady Vuitton & Family
    Houston, TX

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Hi again Michelle! Since I know this post will be flooded with replies I'll try to keep mine brief - Congrats on this season! We're so glad you liked our gifts of the medal and donation.

    As for next season, do whatever feels right to you because you obviously know what works best.

    And last but not least - please skate Fallin on a televised event! Even though I saw it at COI Long Island (NY) I would love to have it on tape (along with the rest of the MKF)!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! We love you!


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    What a surprise!!!! It's great to hear from you again! I'm so glad you liked the medal, scrapbook, and CMN donation. Don't rush on your decisions for this season. Take you time, go on a vacation (you deserve one!). You know that we will support you in whatever you choose to do.

    I wasn't able to go see you at Champions on Ice this year. It sounds like you had such a great time, that's what it's all about! I really wish I could have seen Fallin', it sounds like a wonderful program. And the Ducks, eh? Well, I'm not into hockey but if you say 'Go Ducks,' then I say 'Go Ducks!'

    I hope you will get plenty of time for some R&R with your friends and family. Take care of yourself. Post again soon! Have a GRRRRRREAT summer! You RACH Michelle!

    Peace & love,

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    dreamsk8r Guest

    Default Ducks

    Michelle -you looked great in the Mighty Ducks shirt when you came out on the ice last night. Great show!

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    terisalyn Guest


    Thank you for skating for all of us this spring, especially in Hampton, VA and have a nice summer!

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    Thank you so much for posting again Michelle. It is always wonderful to hear from you. Please enjoy your time off and get some well deserved rest. This season has been such a joy for all of us to watch and you have certainly earned a nice LONG vacation! 8) I wish you only the best in all you do whether its skating or school or sitting around reading the phone book.....LOL And I also look foward to hearing about your plans for next season whatever they may be. I am sure you realize how much we all love you and support you and we always will no matter what. Take care of yourself and God bless you always!

    P.S. I am not a huge hockey fan (although since the Ducks are the underdogs and used to be part of Cincy, I am kinda rooting for them anyway!), so let me just say GO ANGELS to make up for it! LOL :rollin 8)


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    We all have Shep to thank for those back stage passes.

    Go Devils Go!!!

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    Michelle, It so good to hear from you again. We've all be waiting anxiously for your next post!!!

    Whatever you chose to do next season I know the MKF is behind you 100%!!

    Take care and have a great much deserved vacation!!


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