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Thread: HI MKF it's MK again!!

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    Dec 2002

    Default HI MKF it's MK again!!

    Hi Everybody,
    How are you? I've been meaning to write for some time now. I wanted to wait to the end of the tour before writing. I was completely shocked to receive the medal and scrap book.(Did you all choose Atlanta for any particular reason or hinting about Nationals?) I have yet to decide what I'll be doing next season. I guess I will try and take a little break before making any decisions.
    I just want to tell you how touched I was when I got the humongous check for $10,000 to Children's Miracle Network.
    You guys are the best!!
    Thanks for everything.
    Love, Michelle
    P.S it was great seeing some of you guys backstage at Anaheim.
    P.P.S if anybody is following the Stanley Cup finals...GO Ducks

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    wow, Michelle! How soon ago did the Anaheim show end? You're pretty fast! It's good to hear you were touched by the check. We all worked really hard on that project for a while!

    Good to hear from you again, it was fun meeting you backstage in Seattle Good luck making your decisions for next year, whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be the best for you!

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    Hi Michelle! I doubt you'd be sitting there refreshing this thread or anything, but it was great to see YOU tonight! You skated well, and you looked great in that dress (lol, did some partying I assume?)!! So did your sister.

    I hope you didn't think I was stalking you like crazy after I spoke with you - I just wanted to get a pic of you and Francis for Francis! Oh well, next time.

    Haha, what does Brad say about you liking the Ducks?!

    Thanks for everything - you are one of the coolest gals I've ever met!


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    Wow, like smileyllama said, you posted so fast! I was just chatting with some MKFers who met you backstage in Anaheim.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the medal and the scrapbook, and of course the CMN check. I know everyone here is proud that we were able to donate so much to such a worthy cause.

    I know that whatever you decide for next season and beyond will be for the best. Take your time (I'm sure you can use a vacation!) We'll be behind you all the way!

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    Portsmouth, VA


    Hi Michelle!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the Medal, and Scrapbook, and that you were so touched by the check. Thanks for coming by and posting again. It really means a lot to all of us here. Good luck in whatever you decide to to this season.


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    mkrules Guest


    Hi Michelle,

    I hope you didn't think I was stalking you either during the backstage at Anaheim, but I just really wanted to have a picture taken with you. It's okay though, I can still dream.

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    bubblebuff7000 Guest


    I think it's so awesome that you post on here. It really shows how much you care about your fans. Also to Heather, I wanted to say how great it is to be part of MKF! Michelle, whatever you choose, just know that we've all grown up watching you, and are in awe at the beauty you give to the sport. I hope to be seeing you for many years to come! Enjoy your time off (not too long, I hope)....

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    Hi Michelle,

    It's great seeing you post again.
    This is a great early birthday present for me.

    Anyway, I hope I speak for the other MKFer's
    when I say that we're extremely happy that
    you liked the scrapbook and medal. It's a token
    of our love and unconditional support for you.
    Speaking of the scrapbook, have you finished
    reading it yet ?

    take care,
    ~nice angel~
    :JP :LD

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    Christy8 Guest


    Hey MK!

    Humbled to see you have yet again found time to personally thank your humungo fan base! We are behind you in whatever you decide to do next season and beyond. Enjoy your early break (for a change) from the tour!

    Take care and God Bless,


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    Jun 2001


    Michelle!!!! Glad to see you here, it's always a huge surprise and a wonderful moment.

    I had the time of my life talking to you at COI in Anaheim. (It was a great bday present )Thank you for taking the time to talk to your fans and for granting us a little of your time. It means so much to us!! You had a wonderful performance to "Fallin" and I can't wait to go next year again to Champions on Ice. You truly are a wonderful, humble, sophisticated, classy, easygoing and did I say wonderful person? Thank you again for sharing your skating and very precious time with us. We really appreciate everything you give us.

    Whatever you decide to do for next year, we will be supporting you. Just do what is best for you and the rest will fall into place.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Anaheim next year!!!!!!! :rollin :rollin

    GO DUCKS!!!!!

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    Joyce C Wardlow Guest


    Hi Michelle
    I was so happy to finally get to meet you. My daughter and I had a wonderful time at the show. We love your skate to fallin.
    The show was great. Thanks to all the Mk forum fans for helping my daughter and I get back stage passes. I finally got Michelle's autograph.
    I have been to so many shows and this is the first time I got a chance to back and get so many skaters autographs. My daughter and I had a great drive home just talking about all the nice people we meet and now we are looking forward to next years show.
    Thanks Michelle and thanks MKforum.

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    WhenKwanSkates Guest


    thank you

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    Hi Michelle!
    We all have been busy anticipating your next post! This is so cool that you are posting right here at our favourite forum!

    Just want to tell you that you are the most beautiful skater in the world. It always touches my heart to watch you skate. Please take a good rest and enjoy yourself for now. You deserve it and more after such a fantastic season. I really hope that you will continue to skate for many many many more years to come. Your skating brings so much joy to all your fans!

    Hope that you will post more regularly if your schedule permits.

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    christiankwanfan Guest

    Default re

    Hey Michelle you did a great job this season.
    Thank you for taking the time to post.

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    Aug 2000

    Default WE LOVE YOU!

    Congratulations Michelle for having a KWANDERFUL Season!

    Thanks also for being so kind and nice in Hong Kong

    I hope when Disney On Ice comes in Manila, Philippines... you would consider visiting us here :-)

    We Love YOU:SC :SP
    Remember you said "Eight isnt so bad either "


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    NicoleM Guest


    Hi Michelle!

    I was lucky enough to be backstage at COI in Columbus... thanks for holding up the sign for the picture I took, to say hi to the MKF! That was super-sweet of you! And thanks SO much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post again! You are too good to us!

    Whatever you decide to do next season, we're behind you all the way! And I don't really watch hockey, but since you're rooting for the Ducks, that sounds good to me... GO DUCKS! LOL! Take care, and enjoy your summer!

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: WE LOVE YOU!

    Hi Michelle what a nice surprise thanks for writing again to let us know you appreciated the medal, scrapbook and check to CMN. . Whatever you decide for next season good luck and ice.

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    white25 Guest

    Default Re: HARLOW MICHELLE!!

    Wow!! It's so exciting that you managed to post here again. hehe...don't know where you were when you posted, but it was around 11pm in LA. I'm still up supposedly studying for finals... By the way, I'm waiting to see you in UCLA one of these years. :p
    I'm sure you already heard it, but I wish to say that the platinum medal signifies that in our hearts, you deserve more than a gold medal. The check shows our whole-hearted support for the charity you're committed to. I thought that the scrapbook was a big thing for all the MKFers who contributed to it. It was a chance for a lot of your fans who never got to meet you to show you our love, and also to show you a little bit of ourselves. Either to tell you how you affected our lives, to put a face to some of your fans, to show you a little of our personalities through that one piece of paper. I was truly grateful to be even slightly involved in this project.
    I love you! And I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future. [[[HUG]]] :SAL

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    May 2001


    Hi Michelle ...

    Thanks for posting, we love to hear from you !!! Have a great vacation


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    Default Hi

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for taking time to post again. You must know how we all are excited that you actually think about the forum and your fans. You Rach! I have never had the opportunity to get a backstage pass. I would love to meet you too. Remember that whatever you decide to do next year we will all support your decision. Thanks for another fabulous year! :SP

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    SunStallion Guest


    Wow, Michelle, you posted at 2:13:21 am. You stayed up that late. What did you do ? I thought you always have a regular daily routine. I thought you're good at time management. Normally, with a good time management like you. You don't stay up that late.

    Anyways, nice to hear from you. I am just surprised that you stayed so late.

    Even it was 2 am Eastern time, but by the West Coast time, it should be like 11pm. It is still kinda late for you.

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    May 1999
    Chicago, Illinois


    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for posting! I am so very happy you enjoyed the medal and the scrapbook. This was truly a labor of LOVE just for you! Have a great summer,
    and I can't wait to see you next season. :SP
    Take care, and oh yeah, GO DUCKS!


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    Leah Guest


    Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for taking the time to post here for us! We can imagine just how busy your schedule is and it means so much to us. We are delighted that you are enjoying the medal and scrapbook. Hope you have a wonderful vacation of rest and relaxation!


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    fanforever Guest


    Hi Michelle! You were fantastic this season. Thanks for dropping us a line!

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    blondeanglskater Guest


    Thank you so so so much for taking the time to post! You must have stayed up late last night! Im glad you liked the scrapbook, medal, and check to CMN! I had the chance to see you live at COI in Boston for the first time this year and let me say you are even more amazing in person then on tv!


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