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Thread: Mandatory reading: The new FAQ & Political Section

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    Default Mandatory reading: The new FAQ & Political Section

    We've worked hard on the new, comprehensive FAQ, Rules, and Guidelines section for the forum. There are 6 parts to the new FAQ:

    <!--EZCODE LIST START--><ul><li>Posting Guidelines & Forum Etiquette</li><li>Consequences</li><li>Technical Support FAQ</li><li>Board Structure</li><li>Signatures, Image Usage and Avatars</li><li>MKF Terms & History</li></ul><!--EZCODE LIST END-->
    Please read through the entire FAQ, Rules, and Guidelines section. Learn it, use it, love it.

    At the same time, we have opened a new section of the forum, as a TRIAL run, for Political Discussion. That section is unmoderated. You can see the rules & guidelines for "Politics - Unmoderated" in that section. Be sure to read those rules and guidelines before proceeding in that section. This section is found on the main page, under the "Off Topic" header (under Random Chat.)

    If you have any questions on either the new FAQ or the new section, feel free to ask in feedback, or contact us via PM or e-mail.

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    Thanks Heather, Jenny and Moderators. As is my custom, I came to the Forum this a.m. and was happy to see the "New" FAQs. I especially appreciate the history and abbreviations portion. Learned some new things this morning. Great job y'all!

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    Excellent FAQs. Thanks Heather and the mods

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    Thanks must have taken a lot of hard work.
    My question is:
    Once someone is banned from MKF what happens then? Can they just re-register under another name? I know that this has happened in the past...just wondering.
    Also, I have recently seen a previously banned poster return after registrations opened again...under his same name (?)

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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    Thanks to Heather and the rest of the Mods. It must have taken a lot of work to come up with these new FAQs. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure by all 6000 some odd people on this board.

    Thanks guys :SP

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    It has been our policy (though I realize we have not followed it as strictly as we should) to have members who have been banned to stay banned. They are not allowed to reregister a new name with MKF. They will be banned again. We will be more strict about this in the future. We will not unban someone unless some obvious mistake has been made.


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    Thank you Grace. This is good to know.

    Go Michelle!

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    I've just uploaded the FAQ again (they kept disappearing for some reason.) I also tweaked a few things, fixed some spelling etc. But please read them again, especially if you haven't already (the FAQs are MANDATORY!)

    Also, for a fun thing, I've added a MKF image versions page, which you can find the link for under the "MKF Terms & History" section. It includes screencaptures of all the board versions, and all of the graphics used on the forum in the past.


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