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Thread: Coffee table book?

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    Default Coffee table book?

    Amazon has listed the Michelle Kwan coffee table book to be released September 1, 2020. Has anyone heard if this is real? It’s available for preorder but there is no cover picture. I remember after the 2002 olympics amazon had a coffee table book listed as well but then it disappeared. I am really hoping this is true. Thanks for reading😀

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    Thanks for sharing this. I just looked this up on Amazon, and it appears to be a children's book and the author is listed as Michelle Kwan. I hope this is true too. Hopefully there will be some press about it once we get closer to the publication date.

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    I think that I heard some time ago that she was working on this but I don't recall where I
    heard it.

    The most likely scenario is that someone here on the MKF had a thread going on the subject or....

    Maybe it was on Heather's MK fan page.

    You might try

    Good luck.

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