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Thread: I think this site has been hacked or has malware installed

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    Alert I think this site has been hacked or has malware installed

    Every time I try to access one of the forums I get redirected to a non-related site.

    The sites are numerous.

    Only after clearing them out can I get to the forum I had clicked on.

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    Coming out of lurkdom, because I used to have a similar experience to yours. I was unable to access this site for many months, and when I finally was able to gain access again, I kept being redirected to a malicious site and had to get out of that to stay on here. In addition to this, I was getting numerous ads every time I clicked on something on any of the websites I frequent. A poster on another board, shared that they had purchased an adblocker, and that it really helped. I decided to try that, and it has made a world of difference to me. I no longer get all of those ads, and I am able to come on this site without being redirected else where. The only issue I have here, is that I can no longer stay signed in like I used to, but signing in each time is a small price to pay compared to what was going on before. I don't know if you have tried that, but it might be something to consider.

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    Actually I have tried ad blockers in the past but I found that many sites I do visit won't work unless their ads can be displayed.

    So I am still stuck clearing by browsing history every few days.

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