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Thread: Tom Collins Passed Away on Sunday, 9/1/19

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    Weepy Tom Collins Passed Away on Sunday, 9/1/19

    Wow!! Seems like I've fallen into a parallel universe and cannot stand up--so many unusual posts.

    I have some sad news to report--Tom Collin's passed away on Sunday, September 1, 2019. My deepest sympathy goes out to Tom's family and friends. May he rest in the sweetest peace.

    Those of us who love Michelle vividly remember her multiple appearances in the Champions on Ice tours. There were always two shows here in Chicago--for many years. I always attended both shows--in one day!! Tom and his brother have legendary status in the figure skating world.

    Article posted about Tom's passing:
    (In the article, Michelle, Brian and Scott speak fondly of Tom.)

    You may remember that several figure skating stars, including Michelle, recently celebrated COI along with Tom. Links to photos from that celebration:

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    Heart Michelle's Tribute/Tom's Obituary

    Michelle has written a beautiful synopsis about her relationship with Tom:

    Here's the link to Tom's obituary:

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    Thanks for posting the news even if it is sad.

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    Heart Michelle's Tribute to Tom--in Words and Skating on Roller Blades! 9/4/19

    Michelle's words and skating (on roller blades) are quite lovely in this moving tribute to Tom:

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    Oh, man, this is an amazing clip! All these years and I am still surprised and awed by her gift. All I can guess is that somehow there is an unimpeded connection from her heart to her physicality and movement. Oh, man!

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