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Thread: CBS Sportsline forum and St Louis Blues

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    Default CBS Sportsline forum and St Louis Blues

    This is going to be a stab in the dark, but I'm trying to get a message to somebody I knew from the old CBS Sportsline Forum who I believe also frequented MKF. She went by the name something like 36905 (I called her Zippy because her id looked like a zip code) and she was a St Louis Blues fan. I recall her lamenting that her Blues had not won the Stanley Cup and she felt like Heather with her Philly teams not winning a title in her lifetime. Heather got the Phillies and Eagles, so she's a happy camper. When my LA Kings were not in the playoffs, I picked the Blues because they came into the league the same year the Kings did and I know how it felt to not have a Cup until 2012 when they finally won one. When the Blues won their cup, I thought about Zippy and how happy she must be to finally win the Cup. Anyway, a stab in the dark that she still reads this forum or if somebody knows her.

    Michelle's birthday today make me think about reaching out in the Random Chat forum.

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    Wow! DaveSato!
    Sorry, that I can't advise about your missing person.
    I haven't seen your name in ages, but like a lot of MKF history, it was still surprisingly resident somewhere in my psyche.
    I remember when you used to post in a thread in Forum Feedback that was called: silliness, and yeah, sure, testing (NOT) .
    That thread always used to remind me of the lunch table in middle school, where all the cool kids hung out. Funny how we travel through time.
    Good to see your name in the present. I hope all is well. I sometimes wonder about the wellbeing of all of the folks that posted in the Golden Age.
    Best regards!

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    I still have an email for 2 people in the old CBS Forum and I asked them if they kept up with "Zippy", but they didn't. I just recall her lamenting about her Blues letting her down. I felt the same way for 40+ years with my Kings and I know Heather felt that way with her Philly teams until her Phillies finally did it for her.

    Yeah... we had some lively conversations at both CBS and MKF. I wish Michelle would consider running for Senator and this forum could turn into another frenzy like the old days.

    Lunch table is a good analogy. Wanna trade for my bologna and cheese? Somebody always went home and complained that Dave insulted her lunch. haha

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