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Thread: Michelle's Vow to Support Biden's Campaign Becomes Reality 5/17/19

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    Arrow Michelle's Vow to Support Biden's Campaign Becomes Reality 5/17/19

    Joe Biden will base his presidential campaign in Philadelphia. Michelle is now in Philadelphia. The big kickoff rally will be held tomorrow, Saturday, 5/17, at 1 p.m. ET.

    I'm taking a deep breath & holding it until this campaign produces its Democrats' nominee. If Biden is the chosen one, I will be praying that Michelle has the strength to continue until Election Day 2020. Some of the comments on Michelle's Instagram are quite negative. I just hate politics. I worry about her so much.

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    Michelle looks so beautiful at Joe Biden's kickoff rally. ( Philadelphia: Saturday, 5/18/19) (several pictures in the post)

    From Michelle's Twitter account:

    Error in 1st post--Sorry I can no longer edit posts.The date should have been Saturday, 5/18/19.

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