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Thread: Champions on Ice Reunion 5/9/19

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    Heart Champions on Ice Reunion 5/9/19

    I'm pretty sure that many of us --many years ago---attended the great Champions on Ice shows. I live in Chicago and there were always two shows when the tour reached us. I attended every show!

    It appears that there will be a reunion of the cast--possibly today (5/9/19). Based on the information from Michelle's and Brian Boitano's Instagram posts--I believe that the reunion will take place in Minneapolis. I also noticed that Katarina Witt is in Minneapolis with Brian at this time. (Michelle's post) (Brian's post)

    I will be searching for more info and photos this evening! Should be fun!

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    Heart Photos from COI Reunion --5/9/19

    I found some photos on Kristi Yamaguchi's Instagram. Michelle, Katarina, Brian, Karyn, Peggy, Dorothy, Nancy and others are pictured:

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    Shades COI Reunion 5/9/19

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    And all of them are still looking sooo good.

    It seems like it was only yesterday that I was attending these shows.

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    Thanks, teach, for bringing this to our attention. So touching! Everyone looks amazing!

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    It's always a pleasure to find news containing Michelle!!

    Another photo: (from Christine Brennan's Instagram)

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    Heart Love, Love --More Photos from COI Reunion

    Love, love. love these photos and the comments from Michelle's Instagram:

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    Heart Photo from COI Reunion--Includes Many More Attendees!

    I feel lucky! I ran across this photo which includes many more of the attendees. Michelle is in the back row next to Surya Bonaly:

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    Thumbsdown Photo/Comments from Phil Hersh

    Phil Hersh attended the reunion. He wrote some very touching comments--along with posting a nice photo.

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    Adorable photo:

    Another post from Phil Hersh: (Interesting information)

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