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Thread: Michelle Will Be Working on Joe Biden's Staff 4/25/19

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    Arrow Michelle Will Be Working on Joe Biden's Staff 4/25/19

    I just learned that Michelle has already joined Joe Biden's campaign staff. Here we go again. I love Michelle to the moon and back. I love her as I love my own children. But, I hate politics.


    Both Positive negative messages to Michelle are showing up on her Instagram photo with photo and narrative about her choice.

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    i hate it too. biden can,t win.

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    Michelle will be Biden's "Surrogates Director." That's sort of the same title she held during Hillary's campaign. She will be reaching out to some of the biggest stars to support Biden.

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    You all know how much I hate the whole political scene. But, I agree with this post:

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    Adrienne Elrod worked --along with Michelle--on Hillary's campaign. Adrienne is now a part of the team on MSNBC. She and Michelle became friends during Hillary's campaign. Love this tweet from Adrienne:

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    all i can say is the political campaign ruined her mariage. i would rather see her having family and kids.

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    and most likely trump will be reelected. she will be hurt again. ok, it is not my business. i am going to shut up.

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    I'm not digging this move either. I hope Michelle knows what she's doing. Biden creeps me out, to be perfectly honest.

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