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Thread: Yale Honors Michelle

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    Default Yale Honors Michelle

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    Now I know what Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Jimmie Carter, George H.W. Bush and Michelle all have in common. But those other guys couldn't do this:

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    Too badYale freshman Nathan Chen is away at Worlds and won't be able to attend the address.

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    Oh wait. It's April 3. Nathan will be back.

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    What an awesome event for Michelle! I am thrilled for her and I am also happy that Nathan will be back on campus then! Michelle continues with her super active life--makes me tired just trying to keep up with her.

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    Thumbsup Michelle Goes Ivy League from April 1--3

    Here a link to an article by Phil Hersh. It details Michelle's visit to the world of the Ivy League.

    Please note that the April 3rd event will be live streamed. Phil gives the link in his article.

    Some photos/articles from her visit: (from April 1st) (April 2nd) (April 2nd) (April 2nd--discussion in progress as Michelle seems intent/emotional listening to a Special Olympics Athlete)

    I will be looking for more as the day goes on!

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    Thumbsup Reminder for Today--4/3/19 Michelle Live on YouTube at 4:30 ET

    Michelle will be honored at Yale today, April 3, 2019 beginning at 4:30 ET. She will also address the audience!

    "Kwan will give the Spring 2019 Chubb Fellowship Lecture at 4:30 p.m--Eastern Time. in Levinson Auditorium of the Law School, 127 Wall St. The talk, which is free and open to the public, will be livestreamed on Yales YouTube channel...." The link for the live stream:

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    If you missed the interview which is quite long, you can watch it here:

    Michelle was very thoughtful in her responses. I love the film clip of Michelle "moments" which played before she was introduced. It seems there's a possibility that she may get back into politics , although she did not mention a specific candidate. I suppose that would happen if her candidate does well in the debates and becomes a real contender. She looks beautiful!

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    Heart Great Clips/Photos from Yale

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    Shades More From the Ivy League! (Be sure to use arrow for more pictures!)

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    just don,t like her to join the presidential campaign again. Domecate no hope to win the next election. i assume that her involvement in hillary campaign damaged her marriage.

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    Shut up, Sandra. Are you Theavenge is disguise? Troy? You contribute nothing but idiocy too this forum. No one is fooled by your intent.

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    free opion. i am just tell what i thought. being honest. i like michelle.

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    ok. i will shut up and stop posing anything.

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