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Thread: Another Nationals almost over and It's like Michelle never existed

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    Weepy Another Nationals almost over and It's like Michelle never existed

    As usual when the USFSA and the Network announcers show/talk
    about past greats they seem to have forgotten Michelle Kwan.

    The one thing I have seen so far was a very dark shot of the Ladies Trophy
    with it's string of "Michelle Kwan" engravings visible on it. It just happened to
    be in the camera's view at the time and it too was not mentioned.

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    A century from now, when the talk turns to figure skating, it will be Michelle who is remembered and beloved the most.
    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Hi Rick.

    Today I saw shots of a lot of the main men from her era
    but no Brian Boitano.

    I agree with your comment.

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    I actually came here to see if it was just me! I almost fell over when Tara mentioned beautiful spirals. I was so glad when Alysa said she wanted to be like Michelle Kwan or something like that. Wish I knew who to complain to.

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    Someone told me that Tara actually mentioned Michelle (as well as Sasha) as examples of beautiful spirals ... is this true? (IMO, this year, especially -- the 25th anniversary of the "whack" -- mention of the '94 skaters would be toned down considerably)

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    Michelle has hardly been mentioned ever since Tara and Johnny Weir took up the commentating roles. I always wondered if NBC thought it would be awkward for Tara to be sitting there while everyone went gushing on about how great the 9-time U.S. champion was.

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    I did Hear Tara speak the words "Michelle Kwan" but I was not paying close enough attention to put her
    MKM into context.

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    This is one reason I don’t watch sports (except Olympic sports). The past winners are so quickly forgotten. Example: Who won the Super Bowl a year ago? More importantly: Does anyone care?

    Today’s stars quickly eclipse the older athletes or teams.

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