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Thread: Michelle on the 1994 attack on Nancy

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    Alert Michelle on the 1994 attack on Nancy

    Article posted on FSU that has a lot of quotes from Michelle about the attack. To me, this is a remarkable article with a new perspective from Michelle we havenít heard before. Please read it all, and letís have a good old fashioned discussion between the 6 or so of us that still post here.

    Iím fascinated how the event impacted Michelle, and greatly shaped the person she has become. Anxious to hear your perspectives.

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    She didn't mention it, but I wonder if this came to her mind when the streaker hit the ice at Worlds in 2004 -- makes her mental focus that much more impressive (IMO)

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    I was watching TV when it happened.

    Like most, I was a Nancy fan at the time but I was also aware of
    Michelle. It was right here in Phoenix that Michelle went behind
    Franks back and got into seniors.

    The Media Circus began.

    Call me weird or sick or whatever but I was glad when the O.J. thing happened and
    got the media attention away from skating.

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    I thought of that too, attyfan. Michelle was so laser focused on the competition that she didn't even notice him at first. So remarkable that she kept it together and pulled off an amazing skate. I still blame the streaker for the double lutz and the bronze medal

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    This passage in the article stood out to me:

    "But that moment in Cobo Arena changed [Michelle]. It shaped how she would view gun violence and mental health issues, as she dealt with different situations with fans over her career."

    I think that sometimes, when some admire and are fans of a celebrity, they go way too far and elevate that person into an infallible, perfect, super-human idol or object of worship on an impossibly high pedestal. Some people are guilty of this at a nutcase level, e.g., stalking. Those who go that far, as well as some who don't, forget that the celebrity, however accomplished, is just a human being like the rest of us.

    I only hope that Michelle has never had to lie awake at nights worrying about overzealous fans. If she ever did, I hope that time is past.
    ďAll the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.Ē
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Reading the article and hearing Michelle's perspective reminded me about the violence of the attack. Often, this heinous event is viewed comically, or as a cultural meme. The circus aspect distracts from the human impact. Again, Michelle's emotional intelligence is on target.

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    Her only real quote is : "I didnít see anything," Kwan said, "but I heard her screaming and crying. I was like, ĎWhatís happening?í My coach grabbed me. I was 77 pounds. He threw me aside. Security came immediately. The camera crew was already there. It was a frightening thing for a 13-year-old to experience.Ē

    Which is understandable.
    It was her first senior level event, and she was only 13.

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    That's a really interesting article. I wonder who the informant was? We'll probably never know.

    My take on the whole thing has always been, cynic that I am, that you will never be able to convince me that Tonya wasn't involved from the beginning and helped plan the whole thing. Tonya should've gone to jail, Michelle should've been on that Olympic team, and she should rightfully be a 10-time national champion. How do you vacate Tonya's win without moving the 2nd place winner up to first place?

    The other article by Christine Brennan about the movie was interesting, too. One of my pet peeves is people who squander their talents.

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