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Thread: Michelle Skated in Public on Christmas Day!

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    Heart Michelle Skated in Public on Christmas Day!

    First of all, I hope and pray that each of you had a great Christmas! And, may the New Year bring joy, peace, love and happiness to you all. This forum has become a major part of my life and I appreciate each one of you!

    Now, about our "child"---

    Michelle skated at a downtown Santa Monica rink on Christmas! I was overjoyed by the news. It seems she skated for 90 seconds to "Rise Up"--one of my favorite songs ever! She received high marks from those who were there.

    Link to Tai Babilonia's Instagram message re:the event--

    Other photos here: and---

    I also surmise that a "documentary" is being made that will feature Michelle:

    Later that day, Michelle posed with some of the skaters at her rink: (several photos in this post with a beautiful little girl)

    I am searching for footage of her performance, but I believe the documentary staff might have control of that!

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    Alert More Christmas Day Pics!

    More photos from Christmas Day 2018: (several pics in this post)

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    Thank you, teach23, for this wonderful Day-After-Christmas gift, and for all that you do throughout the year in keeping us so well updated on Michelle's appearances.
    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Awesome! Brilliant assembly of information teach, we really appreciate it

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    You are so welcome, Rick!

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    Hey, SamChez ! Thanks for the compliment.

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    Heart Video of Michelle's Skating on Christmas Day!!!

    Here's some video of Michelle's performance from the downtown Santa Monica Rink: (that videographer had to have some moves to get it right--a bit distracting, but Michelle is awesome and the audience reacts at appropriate moments)

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    That was really interesting...for many reasons.

    I would love to see the edited video

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    Thanks, teach!
    You Rach!

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    This is the documentary. It's about Randy Gardner, so it wouldn't surprise me if Michelle is involved.

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    Thank you teach23 for all of the Michelle updates! No one skates like the Kween!

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    She just floats across the ice -- so effortlessly … that was always her "style" … made the very difficult look so easy … beyond thrilled and delighted to see Michelle skate again anywhere … and she is still in peak condition despite being "retired."

    This is a fantastic Christmas present for everyone who has followed Ms. Kwan for all these years … Thank you, Michelle, for this memorable gift.

    Wish Michelle would consider putting together a "seniors" tour of skating greats … or a Cable TV special … would love to see her skate with Kurt Browning … their styles would mesh beautifully.

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    Here's a link to Michelle's Instagram post which shows the public skating video in its entirety. Michelle's narrative is well worth reading!

    The same video also appears on Twitter:

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