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Thread: Michelle Tries Pairs Skating--Death Spiral w/John Coughlin!! 11/2/18

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    Heart Michelle Tries Pairs Skating--Death Spiral w/John Coughlin!! 11/2/18

    Michelle has been on the road campaigning for several Democrats. She's doing a superior job, but I just cringe when I see her involved in the political arena.

    When I saw a short video of her and John Coughlin together on the ice, I just had to smile. Although she's screaming while executing a death spiral, she's definitely having fun. I think she did a great job! Her comments are adorable!

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    Thanks, teach! That was fun!

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    If Deanna Stellato can come back as a pairs skater ...

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    Didn't Kristi start out as a pairs skater? With Rudy Galindo, I think.

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    Yeah, I don't think politics suit Michelle. She doesn't seem like the type. But more power to her for voicing her opinions. Everyone should do that.

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    Yes, michellesmom! Kristi did start off as a pairs skater with Rudy! Now, Rudy is her younger daughter's coach! Her daughter's name is Emma and she's doing well! (Link to Emma winning gold in competition. I believe Rudy is in the second photo.)

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    Emma's already taller than Mom!
    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Well, I would imagine that Emma is wearing skates in that picture, so that would add a few inches to her height. I remember seeing Charlie White walk by in skates when I was volunteering at World's in 2009 (an experience which I have been saying for ten years I will write up one of these days...). He's already tall, and in skates he just towered over everyone.

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    I felt really bad when Kristi broke up with Rudy but at the time she was
    trying to compete in both singles and pairs.

    The results of that decision is golden history.

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    WOW !! I'd be screaming too … but as an excited member of the audience. Just thrilled to see her on the ice again -- even briefly. Her form looked great to me.

    Have always wished that Michelle would had tried Ice Dancing as a secondary discipline … still think she would be fantastic at it and who wouldn't want to partner with Michelle Kwan!

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