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Thread: Michelle Expected to Attend Women's Sports Foundation 39th Annual Salute-10/17/18

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    Heart Michelle Expected to Attend Women's Sports Foundation 39th Annual Salute-10/17/18

    Michelle is truly faithful to the Women's Sports Foundation. We can always find her there. I hope that this year is no different.

    Excerpt from email I received today:

    "...Tune in live beginning at 7 p.m. ET for our Grand March of Athletes, featuring Billie Jean King, Grete Eliassen, Elana Meyers Taylor, Meghan Duggan, Michelle Kwan, Jessica Long and more, followed by the presentation of awards."

    The event will be live streamed on Wednesday, October 17th--beginning at 7 p.m. ET. More info here:

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    Shades Reminder: WSF Gala Today (10/17--6 p.m. ET)

    I will be watching for Michelle sightings this evening (Wednesday, 10/17)at the WSF Gala!! More information in the post above. I hope she's there.

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    Heart Photos

    She is at the Gala. There was a lot of confusion on the red carpet, so she did not do the big interview. Here are "Getty" photos--the only still photos I've seenwatermarks interfere--hope Zimbio posts some photos)

    I have seen video on the live stream--perhaps I can post later. She looks beautiful!

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    Heart More From WSF Salute

    Video of the complete live stream:

    More photos:

    (Michelle appears in the 2nd photo and it's one of the most beautiful pictures her I have ever seen!) (2 pics/Michelle's hair style)

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    It's amazing that she still looks so amazing.

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    Thumbsup MKM in Magazine Article re: WSF Gala--11/2/18

    Here's a link to a magazine article re:Women's Sports Foundation Gala. There is a quote from Michelle!

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