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Thread: Michelle Attends Former President Obama's Return to Campaign Trail 9/8/18

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    Arrow Michelle Attends Former President Obama's Return to Campaign Trail 9/8/18

    Michelle attended Mr. Obama's "rally" for some California candidates for House of Representatives . She seems to have special standing there, of course!

    I continue to hate politics, but Michelle is dedicated to making a difference in her own special way. I keep her in my thoughts and prayers always.

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    nm. Go Michelle.
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    She was in Anaheim that day, so, of course, I had to be in LA.

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    People Magazine reports that a new book depicting the Hillary Clinton campaign in photographs will be coming out in November. Michelle is mentioned as one of the people contributing a remembrance.

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    Arrow Michelle's Campaign Appearance with Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy 9/20/18

    First--thanks, Mathman, for the link to the People Magazine article regarding Michelle's involvement in Mrs. Clinton's book!

    More of Michelle's Involvement in the World of Politics: (Orlando, FL)

    From Michelle's personal Twitter account:
    (Several photos included)

    Another relevant photo:

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    Here's an except from Michelle's contribution to the Hillary Clinton coffee table book, reported by People:

    In an essay for the book, former figure skater and State Department senior adviser Michelle Kwan recalls her weight and makeup being criticized when she was on the ice: “I bit my lip rather than say what I was thinking: ‘But did you see my jump?’ ” When she later saw Clinton (reminded by an adviser ... to smile before a debate) “faulted for everything from her laugh to her haircut,” Kwan writes, “…that old voice in my head would stammer, ‘But did you see her jump?’ …Did you happen to notice any fraction of all she accomplished in her 30 years of public service?”

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    Thanks for sharing this excerpt with us, Mathman! Awesome Michelle--loved her insightful comments!

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