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Thread: Another Good Interview w/Michelle from Olympic Games

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    Heart Another Good Interview w/Michelle from Olympic Games

    I really enjoyed the interview. Michelle's opinions are so sincere--love her! Although NBC seems to totally ignore Michelle, she is very much a part of the news!

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    That was a great interview, thanks teach23. Steph Wu's twitter picture looks a lot like Michelle sitting there.

    NBC is making a huge mistake. Because of their behavior I don't watch NBC hardly at all.

    Wanted to mention, in the Toyota ads during the figure skating, a ball rises up from the middle of the screen to the top and then out of the picture. Michelle is in that ball. It is the picture of her in her gold costume. The one that was used on that tire ad she did some years ago. Has anyone noticed it. It is very fast, and easy to miss. Thank you Toyota for using that ad on NBC during the Olympics.

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