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Thread: These 6 Winter Olympians went on to great succes

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    Thumbsdown These 6 Winter Olympians went on to great succes

    This is now posted on

    IMO not a very good article and very poorly worded.

    By Chris Chase


    In 1994, Michelle Kwan was kicked off the U.S. team she qualified for, replaced by Nancy Kerrigan (courtesy Tonya Harding). In 1998, Kwan was robbed of gold in Nagano, coming in second behind current NBC commentator Tara Lipinski. Salt Lake City brought more disappointment for the five-time world champion - she only managed bronze in her home Olympics. While the Olympics weren't always kind to Michelle Kwan, she's always been a great success, something that's continued post-retirement. Condoleeza Rice named Kwan as America's first ever "public-diplomacy" envoy in 2006. Kwan later joined the State Department as part of the Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau. She was also a surrogate outreach coordinator on Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. I suppose upset losses will always follow around Michelle Kwan.

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    I think the author is more interested in how witty he is than in the athletes.

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