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Thread: U.S. Figure Skaters Strengthened by Kristi and Michelle 2/10/18

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    Heart U.S. Figure Skaters Strengthened by Kristi and Michelle 2/10/18

    There's an awesome article published today (2/10/18). Many of the 2018 U.S. Olympic skaters "find strength" in Michelle and Kristi. I absolutely love this one!

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    The link brings a "page not found" nastygram from NBC.

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    I couldn't get it either.

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    Blocked for "socail networking" which is not allowed on my ISP

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    "An estimated 177 million people in the U.S. total watched thE 2002 games according to the International Olympic Committee, and U.S. figure skaters Mirai Nagasu, Madison Chock, and Karen Chen — all of whom plan to compete at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, along with the Shibutanis — cite Kwan as a childhood inspiration.

    “I really try to channel my inner Michelle Kwan when I do my spirals every time I run my program,” the 18-year-old Chen told NBC News. “When I would watch her do her spiral, I was so mesmerized. It’s absolutely perfect. Mine doesn’t even come close, but I really do try.”

    "While U.S. Figure Skating does not currently collect data on skater ethnicity, there has been a visible rise in Asian-American representation in the sport since the days Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi, who took home Olympic gold in 1992, broke barriers on the ice.
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