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    so, there isn't much info here anymore. I was offline a while. (cant get here via my phone) and I thought sure there'd be some discussion regarding nationals since this is an Olympic year (and since synnabun got to meet her and get a pic). sad to see this place seem something of a ghost town. I miss the days of coming here and reading, and sometimes commenting, and always learning things I wasn't as up to date on, or as astute as so many members here. I hope everyone is having great lives though! I miss the days of Michelle Kwan, but am so very happy to have been a part of it all!
    She is not point to point, she is everywhere! She is MichaelAngelo and the ice is her chapel.~.KIRK WESSLER, sports editor, from the PJ Star in Peoria, Illinois.

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    I miss those MK days too. I love reading and discussing the competitions so I have joined Golden Skate Forum. It's a great alternative; not quite the same but good healthy discussions there.

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    I miss the MK competition days too! I stopped maintaining the competition stats when forum participation started to dwindle years ago. It's much easier just to go to Ice Network now since they link directly to the ISU results. I'm glad to see that a handful of us are still going (though I'm more of a lurker these days!)

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