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Thread: Possible malware

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    Default Possible malware

    When I click on links in the main page I am frequently getting new tabs alongside the page I intended to read. Sometimes they are for something like an ad for a PDF converter, whatever that is, but many times I get a message from my antivirus system saying the website was blocked because of possible malicious content. I close the tab and find I am on the MKF page I intended to access, with no further problems. You may wish to investigate the possibility that the forum is infected with some sort of malware that is redirecting us.
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    Same thing happens to me. I think it is meant to be advertising. Perhaps it helps to pay for keeping the forum alive.

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    This has been happening to me as well, for the last three months, every time I access MKF, which is why I've been on MKF hardly at all lately. I e-mailed Grace about this a while ago, and she is aware of the problem. However, she also indicated that the fix would cost around $400.
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    Would there be a way for us to donate towards the cost of fixing the board? I know that at one time people were able to make donations to help with the cost MKF's upkeep.

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    I would donate-- maybe not be a large donation, but I'd do my best! I don't really understand the issue, but hopefully it can be fixed.
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