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Thread: Nice MKM in Article re: Shibutanis 12/18/17

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    Heart Nice MKM in Article re: Shibutanis 12/18/17

    Link to an article about Maia and Alex Shibutani with a lovely Michelle reference!

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    They really are adorable. And so are their doggies!

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    One if my favorite memories of Maia is from one of my tapes of the SLC Olys.

    Michelle was on the Podium and the camera panned the audience and picked out little Maia
    sitting there and identified her.

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    Heart Another Awesome MKM from Mirai Nagasu

    I love Mirai's quote about Michelle in Popsugar article. It brought tears to my eyes. Michelle is such an awesome person!



    Michelle Kwan Is Her Idol

    The ice skater says she didn't have a definitive moment when she knew she wanted to be an Olympic athlete, but after she saw Michelle Kwan skating at the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, she was hooked. "Every time that I see Michelle Kwan, I'm awe struck because she is the epitome of a role model. She's always so nice to everyone, and the way she conducts herself is something I truly admire," she said in her Reddit AMA.

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    You are right teach23, that was awesome with regard to Michelle.

    It was a really nice article with regard to Mirai as well.

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