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Thread: MK Interview on Ice Network Podcast

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    Veryhappy MK Interview on Ice Network Podcast

    Hope that this link works:

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    It didn't work for me attyfan.

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    Copied the link from the icenetwork site:

    If this doesn't work, this link should take you to the FSU post that includes the links that I used to watch the interview:

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    I cannot play the video. I think that you have to be an Ice Network subscriber. I can play the podcast because I downloaded I-Tunes. It's free.

    Here's a link to a very brief part of the interview from Jackie's interview:

    Link to I-Tunes: (Episode 53)

    It's a great interview.

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    It's not my day.
    No way to start the podcast.
    When I sign in I get a page does not exist nastygram.
    The 'very brief part of the interview' link works but there is so much background noise that it's pretty much useless for me.

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