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Thread: Michelle Receives Prestigious William E. Simon Award 12/7/17

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    Heart Michelle Receives Prestigious William E. Simon Award 12/7/17

    I thought that this Instagram post deserved its own thread. Michelle received the William E. Simon Award.

    There are four great photos in the post. There's even a photo of Michelle with Dr. Henry Kissinger! (another photo)

    , what exactly is the William E. Simon Award??
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    i just found this article which explains the award.

    The most decorated American figure skater in history, Michelle Kwan was recognized with the William E. Simon Award, given to an individual or group who has made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

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    Thanks, Maureen!!

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    Thank you for sharing this! Michelle is living her dream of making a Difference in the world, and I'm glad she's receiving the recognition she so richly deserves for her efforts and contributions.
    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle.”
    --Saint Francis of Assisi

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    Chock this up as another reason for all of us here at the MKF to be so proud.

    Making a difference and accomplishing things are one thing. To be recognized for all you do, makes you feel so good (and us too)

    I hear lots of buttons popping about now.

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    Very well deserved.

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    Reading this post reminded me of the thread from 11 years ago called, "2006 Reasons to be a Michelle Fan."

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