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Thread: More Talk of Michelle & Dancing With the Stars 2018

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    Alert More Talk of Michelle & Dancing With the Stars 2018

    Michelle was asked about participating in a special "Dancing With the Stars" which would feature athletes only. The show is scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2018. It would run for only four weeks --much shorter than the regular show. Her answer seems to be "Yes!"

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    Ooo, I don't know. Michelle could have said all those nice things and still have no intention of putting herself through it. Against football players, etc., she would be the front-runner, so anything less than the mirror ball just wouldn't cut it. (Not that Emmitt Smith wasn't light on his feet. )

    Go Michelle!

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    Sure would be nice and she is in excellent shape.

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    So hoping this turns out to be true. As flexible as Michelle is these days, and with her competitive mindset I believe she would be the perfect fit for this show.

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    I don't normally watch this show much (except when Meryl was on and I'm so regretful I missed Kristi Y there) but if MK participated I'd a thousand times over be its most loyal fan.

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    Yeah, That was really neat seeing Kristi and also Laurie Fernandez on the show. I don't normally watch it but the GF
    called me to the TV when Kristi popped up.

    I never could figure out what the heck was going on that night.

    For me 'production numbers' on DWTS just don't work because I am trying to focus on the contestants.

    Seeing Michelle there would be awesome.

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    They were doing "Trio routines", with former and current DWTS contestants.
    I would love to see MK dance on the program, if she wishes to do so.
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    Shades MK Mention

    Michelle is mentioned in the following article:

    According to this article, Michelle would be a good choice, of course. Her photo appears in the article.
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    The article is right, Michelle would be a good choice. I know who would get all my votes.

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    Any of the Pros would be honored to partner her.
    If this happens, though; I'm hoping for Maxsim,

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