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Thread: Believe It or Not--Another Great MK Interview

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    Heart Believe It or Not--Another Great MK Interview

    Cosmopolitan Magazine published this interview by Rose Minutaglio:

    Michelle shares her insights about growing up in the spotlight while going through puberty. It's quite moving, especially some of her comments dealing with younger skaters:

    "Whether it's competition, setbacks, fear of failing, or body image. I hope that [younger skaters] know I'm here for them to give honest advice." Priceless!

    That P&G sponsorship is really helping to place Michelle back in the spotlight where she belongs.
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    Thanks for the article, Teach.

    I remember a great quote from Michelle when she had come out the other side. "What did they think I would do, topple over?"

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    Another gem ❤️. Thank you! I hope now that Michelle takes a little break and goes back to the ice to get that triple sal.🤗🤗

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    Perhaps I only have one nerved let, but the commentator got on it tonite during the LS at Cup China. In reference to Gracie she said something like I don't think she ever revered from not getting on the podium in Boston, as if that caused her illness. I thought we were past that. I am sure it would be almost impossible to recover during a competitive season, much less an Olympic one, but so would trying to recover from a fracture. Circumstances can make depression and eating disorders worse, or slow the recovery, but they are medical illnesses, not the consequences of a less than hoped for result at a competition.

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    Thank you for all of the recent articles. We are very fortunate to have you on the forum to share them with us.

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    You are all very welcome!!!
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