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Thread: Another Great Interview by Karen Kwan!

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    Heart Another Great Interview by Karen Kwan!

    This article is great! It's an interview with Michelle. The author, Karen Kwan, is not Michelle's sister!

    Michelle is getting a ton of publicity this week! I'm loving every minute. She's moving on with her life in a very healthy way!

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    I think Michelle did a lot of press after the P&G campaign announcement. Iím loving all these articles. Just read this one on Twitter and it is especially nice. More, more!❤️❤️.
    And now I see you posted another. Off to read that one. Thank you teach!!

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    Thanks teach23, this is so fantastic. Michelle is back and she is back big time. I couldn't be more proud of her if she were my own.

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    You are so very welcome, MKF!! And, like you, Carol, I am so proud of her! I'm thankful for her newest venture with Procter&Gamble. Michelle's kind soul is on display once again!

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